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Reception Class News 11: 11: 22

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We will remember them...

Reception Class, this week in our Understanding the World Development, we have created our own poppies to remind us about the people who died during times of war and why people wear poppies at this time of year. After watching the CBeebies remembrance video we discussed how the rabbits felt at different parts of the story and how this must be how people would have felt. Today we stood an observed a minutes silence at 11 o'clock. Reception class you stood so beautifully. I am so very proud of you.

Let's share in our learning...

In our Expressive Arts and Design Development, we continued with our topic 'My Stories' where we are learning how stories can be told through songs and dance.
We began our music session by listening to 'Boogie Wonderland' by Earth, Wind and Fire. We loved this song and couldn't help but dance and clap along with the beat! Some of us said that we had heard the song before at home and at parties.
After this, we talked about how music can be loud and quiet as well as high and low. We practiced making our voices go low and high whilst moving our hands up and down to indicate the tone.

Next, we continued to learn the song 'I'm a little teapot' with the actions, we are getting really good at this now. We started to learn a new song "Not too difficult." There are lots of different actions in this song which we really enjoyed learning.

In our Language and communication and Literacy Development, we have enjoyed listening to some of our favourite poems and rhymes in story time. We have also explored some new poems and in particular one by Spike Milligan titled 'On the Ning Nang Nong.'

We thought this was a very funny poem, which made us laugh a lot. We understand that is called a nonsense poem. Working collaboratively, we created our own nonsense poems in the style of Spike Milligan, which we then painted the illustration around the edges. Reception class they are fabulous!
In our daily RWI sessions, we have focused on the missing sounds in our knowledge and become more proficient at sounds out words in our word time sessions. We still need lots of practice to blend the sounds into words efficiently, but we are working very hard and trying our best.

In our Physical Development, we continued with our dance topic. We are learning to use our bodies to express different themes and feelings. Starting our session with a warmup, we know we do this to prepare our bodies for exercise and to stop ourselves from getting injured. We listened to the song "Down in the Jungle" and moved our bodies like different animals; gorillas, tigers, elephants, monkeys and snakes, using hopping, jumping, slithering, balancing and stretching movements.
Then we learnt an action for some different jungle animals, a lion, parrot, monkey and snake. We practiced these actions before performing each of the moves as a dance routine to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

We then played corners, when the music was playing, we had to dance along to the music and when the music stopped, we had to go to a corner and move like the animal in that corner.
We had great fun and are looking forward to learning more dance moves in the coming weeks.

In our Personal, Social and Emotional Development, we are learning that we all like different things and that is one of the ways we are unique through our Heart smart session.
We started the session by listening to the song 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music. After we listened to the song, we talked about what some of Maria's favourite things are, girls in dresses, snowflakes and ponies. Then we played the song again and moved around the carpet pretending to be something from the song. We used different actions for all of Maria's favourite things.
We finished the session by sitting in a circle and sharing some of our favourite things, we discussed how in the film Maria sings the song when she is feeling scared or sad. We explained that next time the children are feeling scared or sad they should think of their favourite things, and it will help them to feel happy and safe.

Boris says, "Having different favourite things makes us all special and unique."
Bible link "You are far more precious than jewels." Proverbs 31:10

In our Mathematical Development, we have explored the concept of one more within 5. Using first, then and now story structures and role play we explored adding one more. For example: first I had two cars, then one added 1 more, now I have three cars. Three is one more than two! In our reflective journal work we independently described and showed one more using cubes and then turned it into a drawing.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward and the Early Years team
Mrs Wainwright and Louise

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