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Reception Class News 03/05/24 and 10/05/24

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Exciting Adventures in Reception Class!

Last week was filled with thrilling discoveries, growth, and plenty of fun.
Let's share the fantastic highlights of our recent learning:

Mathematical Development: We delved deep into mastering counting forwards and backwards up to 20. Additionally, we explored the concepts of one more and one less, extending our understanding to numbers up to 20. Through engaging activities, we honed our skills in comparing numbers, laying a solid foundation for further mathematical explorations.

Literacy Development and Language Acquisition: In our literacy sessionswe dissected the structure of instructions. With focused attention, we identified the four key sections of instructions, from introductions to helpful hints. Through careful analysis, we pinpointed time order words and bossy verbs, enhancing our understanding of instructional texts.

Physical Development:Under the guidance of Coach James, we continued our preparations for sports day with gusto. Through team races and games, we not only developed our physical skills but also embraced the values of sportsmanship and graceful competition.

Understanding the World:Our adventures in the allotment blossomed as we dedicated time to nurturing our garden oasis. From planting a variety of vegetables to tending to our newly planted damson tree, we reveled in the joys of gardening and stewardship of the earth.

In RE, we delved into the stories that shaped Jesus's childhood, understanding that that they were very different from the stories we hear today. We imagined his reactions to beloved tales like "The Gruffalo" or "Going on a Bear Hunt."

Expressive Arts and Design:Immersing ourselves in the beauty of music and creativity, we joined in singing songs celebrating seeds, growth, and our responsibility to care for the world around us. Through harmonies and melodies, we embraced the mantra of "one world, one chance."

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development and Wellbeing:Reflecting on our individual qualities, we recognized our unique superpowers, whether it's kindness, athleticism, or being a supportive sibling. In our wellbeing sessions, we delved into the different aspects of our personalities and considered how each contributes to our overall well-being.

Despite the shorter week, we have made the most of every moment, immersing ourselves in a world of discovery and joy. Here's a glimpse into the marvelous highlights of our week:

Physical Development:Our preparations for sports day continued with full force, as we engaged in thrilling team games and practiced classic races like the beanbag and egg and spoon races. Thankfully, the weather was on our side, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable practice session.

Mathematical Development :This week, we delved into numerical patterns, focusing particularly on the concept of doubling. Through engaging activities, we explored how to represent and understand doubles, laying a strong foundation for further mathematical explorations. Next week, we eagerly anticipate diving into the inverse of doubling – halving – to deepen our understanding even further.

Literacy Development and Language Acquisition: In our literacy sessions, we embarked on the exciting task of planning and writing instructions in four structured parts. From crafting introductions to providing handy hints, we honed our writing skills with incredible precision and care. Utilizing tools like Wise Owl and cue cards, we meticulously checked and edited our work, ensuring impeccable writing standards.

Understanding the World: In RE, we embarked on a fascinating exploration of the parables that Jesus told, uncovering their special meanings and hidden messages. Through interactive activities like the chatterbox game, we engaged deeply with these timeless stories, matching visual clues to their respective tales. Our discussions on the wise and foolish builders sparked thought-provoking reflections on the importance of solid foundations in life.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development and Wellbeing:In our wellbeing sessions, we took a moment to reflect on the comforts and joys of home, recognizing it as a place of relaxation, play, and unconditional love. Embracing feelings of calmness and security, we celebrated the warmth and support that home provides us each day.

Expressive Arts and Design: This week we continued to enjoy singing songs celebrating seeds, growth, and our responsibility to care for the world around us. Through harmonies and melodies, we embraced the mantra of "one world, one chance."

Reception Class, your enthusiasm, curiosity, and resilience continues to inspire us all. As we embark on another week of learning and discovery, let's embrace every opportunity to grow, explore, and make a positive impact on our world.

Have a lovely weekend

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