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Happy Half term Reception Class

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Congratulations, Reception Class!
You've all worked incredibly hard, and now it's time for a well-deserved rest during this Half Term break.

Mathematical Development:
This week, we explored the fascinating concept of weight, building upon our previous understanding of heavy and light. Using balance scales to compare objects, we determined which object was heaviest and which was lightest.

Literacy Development:
As we concluded our unit on Joop and Juniper Jupiter, the focus shifted to perfecting the formation of tricky letters – o, c, a, g, and q. We paid close attention to start points and practiced orientating these letters in an anticlockwise direction.

Understanding the World:
Our final forest school session with Mr. Hadfield was bittersweet, these sessions have been the highlight of our week and we are sad that they are now over. Despite challenging weather, we enjoyed creating a waterproof shelter using sticks and tree cuttings. Fond memories were shared, especially of making dragon sneezes with fire steels and toasting marshmallows.

Religious Education:
In RE, we wrapped up our Questful assessment map on 'What is prayer.' recapping our knowledge on the prayer taught by Jesus to his disciples, and explored the stories of Daniel and Jonah, emphasizing the importance of prayer in their lives. The recent visit from Imran provided context on the significance of prayer in different faiths.

Physical Development:
Coach James led an energetic session, engaging us in exciting games that got our blood pumping, making us hot and sweaty!

Expressive Arts and Design:
Feeling the anticipation of spring, we painted vibrant, large-scale pictures of daffodils, inspired by the orange trumpet in the center and delicate yellow petals we observed on the way to school.
Springtime songs about daffodils filled our classroom in the afternoon sessions.

Language and Communication:
Throughout the week, language and communication development remained a priority. From singing songs and reciting rhymes to immersing in captivating stories.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development:
In our well-being activity, we reflected on our favorite things to see, taste, hear, touch, or smell. Avocado on toast with an egg emerged as a sophisticated taste favourite, while imagining the sea on a sunny day brought joy, especially during a rainy classroom moment.

Wishing everyone a rejuvenating and enjoyable Half Term break!

Warm regards
Mrs Ward

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