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Year 6 News of the Week – 14.10.22

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We have had a busy week in Year 6 and worked so hard. Well done Year 6 you have nearly completed your first half term with me.

This week in Maths we have completed our unit on multiplication and division. We completed this unit with long division and used the pull-down method as the final way of calculating. We have assessed our knowledge and discussed which methods are our preferred. We have now begun a new unit on factors, multiples, squared and cubed numbers.

We have been busy identifying persuasive features this week in English. We have used my model text to work on speech within quotes and to create a useful toolkit. We have challenged each other to retell the model text and earned a small prize for each correct paragraph. We have now chosen our own gadget and planned our shared write which we will begin next week.

We have continued in Book Club this week with our read aloud books, newspapers, magazines and history topic books and concentrated on developing our comprehension skills. We have completed book reviews and changed our books if needed.

In our spelling lessons this week we have focused on adding a vowel suffix to a word with a vowel ending. We have thought about the rhyme, swap, double, or drop to spell different words and learnt to drop the letter e if a consonant comes before it!

In History this week, we began by creating a Morrison's shelter feel in the classroom by crawling under our classroom tables whilst the siren played. We then listened to the Prime Minister of the time; Neville Chamberlain announce war upon Germany. We spent some time reflecting upon our experience and wrote a short diary of the event.

This week we have been introduced to the term Courageous Advocacy. We have explored these words and thought about how they could fit into a charity Year 6 could support. The Blue Cross charity was a definite fit for Year 6 as this charity worked hard for the welfare of animals during WW2. We read different accounts of different animals and how they were heroes during times of war. We are looking forward to sharing our message with you on Friday in our worship.

Investigating light has continued in science this week. We were challenged to use a metre stick, a torch, graph paper and masking tape to prove that the further a light beam is away from a surface the larger the beam is. We recorded our results and discussed our findings.

During art this week we created our silhouette images thinking about the Blitz. Our frames are now ready to sit inside our tunnel books. We will put the finishing touches to them next week.

Our Happy Minds lesson focused on the term neuroplasticity and how neurons build a pathway the more we practise a task. We also had time to enjoy our happy breathing.

This week we have enjoyed two PE lessons with Sportscape and Mrs Jenkins. There is a separate website write up of her Y6 lesson for you to enjoy.

We completed our online safety poster this week in computing and supported each other to achieve each level.

In our HeartSmart (PSHE) lesson this week, we discussed ways in which we can keep our hearts soft, but strong. We likened this to a pair of trainers. Just like trainers need to be soft enough to be comfortable; but durable enough to last and stay strong – so do our hearts. From this, we began to design our own pair of trainers with our own unique pattern and logo. We also decided to give our pair of trainers a brand name!

We began our second PHSE lesson by thinking about what body language is. In doing so, we acted out different ways to move around the classroom and thought about this as a way of communication. We learnt that when we are powerless, we tend to close up our bodies, but when we are powerful, we open up our bodies. We then had the opportunity to create our own power pose and reflected on whether this made a difference to how we felt.

New homework has been set. I have set a new Maths.co.uk task along with Reading and TT Rock stars.

We ended our week spending time with our buddies. A muddy field meant our fun was moved to the hall this week. We read stories to our buddies and enjoyed being role models. A final treat was to share our bingo board achievements. Brilliant work Year 6.

A brilliant week Year 6.
Have a fab weekend.

Your teacher.
Mrs B.

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