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Year 5 News 18.11.22

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We enjoyed another fun session in Forest School this week. For the first part of the session, we recapped the importance of M.R.S G.R.E.N, and then went onto recap the parts of plants. We went out and about around the grounds to see how many species of plants we could identify. We collected items from them as we went. The second half of our session focused on shelters and fire building which is always lots of fun.

In maths this week, we have continued with our unit of Multiplication and Division. We have been learning about factors, prime numbers, squared numbers and how to use factors to work out more complicated multiplication questions.

In English, we have been busy writing our persuasive pieces. Each of you chose to write about one of three Victorian inventions: the car, the plane or the roller skates. It was been lovely to see you working hard to included embedded relative clauses in your work, and it has been great to hear that the persuasive language is shining through too. We will be moving onto our 'Hot Write' next week which is very exciting.

We started to get into the Christmas spirit this week as our R.E. unit is all about the nativity story and the names that are given to Jesus at his birth. For this lesson, we read the Christmas story in the book of Luke and Matthew. We realised that they are different. We also realised that Jesus is given different names in each of them too. In one he is called the King of the Jews and a Governor and in the other he is called a Saviour and Christ the Lord. We talked about what we thought these names meant and realised that they linked to the life Jesus was going to lead.

We started our Geography and DT unit this week. In Geography, we looked at where our food and clothes come from. We used atlases to identify the countries and then mark them on our own maps. We were surprised at how far our clothes and food travel. In D.T, we learnt that we will be creating automata toys. For our first lesson, we learnt about how the toys move. This is via a cam mechanism. We then explored different cams and how the shape of the cam effects the movement of the toy.

In Music this week, we had another busy lesson. We continued your practice for Young Voices. We learnt: Around the Riverbend , Go the Distance and Over the Hills. We rehearsed dance moves for our favourite song – Sing from your Heart. We looked at an Urban Strides interactive section. It was so fast we had to practice it a few times!

In Computing, you continued with your GoogeSlides presentations and learnt how to add in hyperinks to outside websites.

Finally, this week was also Anti-Bullying week. We spent our PSHE lesson discussing the importance of being a good friend and what that looks like. We also talked about what a bad friend looks like, and we discussed the difference between a friendship fall out and bullying because they are not the same thing. We went onto talk about what we could do if we thought we were being bullied or if someone we know is being bullied. You shared very thoughtful suggestions which were lovely to hear.

I hope you're all having a fab weekend,

Miss P

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