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Year 4 News 26.11.21

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We have started to feel very festive in Year 4 this week. We loved getting ready for our school Christmas market and starting our Christmas service.

Multiplication and Division has been our new focus this week. We have been learning how we can multiply numbers by 10 and 100. Using place value grids, we moved the digits one place up when digits were multiplied by 10. The children then learnt how to multiply multiples of 10 and 100. The take away methods from these lessons were to simplify numbers down to the ones before making the answer 10 or 100 times bigger to find the answer. We have also learnt how to divide digits by 10 and 100. In our final Maths lesson this week, we divided multiples of 10 by 10 and 100. We also completed our arithmetic paper this week.

In our English lessons this week, we have completed our 'shared write'. For this, I modelled a piece of writing and we talked through the skills we should use. Once we had completed our shared write, we then edited our work. In our next lesson, we planned our hot write. The children focused on planning their own recount of a raid. Once the children's plans were marked, they started to write their 'hot write'. We were focusing on using and punctuating fronted adverbials correctly.

In our reading lessons this week, we have continued to read the poem 'To Asgard' and answer questions about the rhyming patterns and the imagery this creates in our mind. Kennings became our focus in reading this week. Firstly we discovered that they are a type of poem, similar to a riddle, and we learnt that they were commonly used by the Norse people. Reading three examples, gave us had the opportunity to think about what they were describing and which one was the most effective.

In our Computing lesson this week, we have completed our project. We inputted our data into a spreadsheet, formatted this into a table and then edited our table to suit our design style. We edited the title, the axis labels, the colour of the bar, the size of the table and the style. The children completed each step independently on their iPads after being shown on the screen. These will now be printed ready to present our skills in our studywork.

This week, we have started our DT unit. The children were introduced to the project we would be completing over the next few weeks – we will be making a Viking coin purse. In our first lesson, the children recapped how to produce a running stitch. They were shown how to thread their own needles and how to use their binka to produce a running stitch.

For our RE learning this week, the children spent their Friday afternoon working on their Christmas worship. The children worked on the iPads alongside Year 3 to construct their ideas for each of the scenes of our worship. I won't spoil the rest – you will have to wait to see our full video.

In our Art lesson this week, we have created a pointillism style of artwork. We were inspired by George Seurat's artwork – 'The Pine Tree'. The children focused on using one of their painting techniques. We used a range of colours closely placed together to make the effect of the eyes blending colours together.

Kind words, kind actions, nice times, gifts and hugs! These are a few of our love languages. We all have our own love language and we chose the one we identified with the most. We then had to think of a time we felt most loved and cared for. We wrote these on our shaped hearts.
Bible reference – 'And from far away the Lord appeared to his people. He said, "I love you people with a love that will last forever." I became your friend because of my love and kindness' Jeremiah 31:3

In our French lesson this week, we started to learn how we say when our birthday is. We recapped days of the month and then began to learn how to answer the question 'When is your birthday?'

This week in PE, we followed Joe Wicks and his Children In Need fitness session. We worked together to answer the questions and we did so well at answering them correctly. Great job! We then showcased our Viking dance movements to a Viking song. We remembered so many moves. Well done year 4! We also had our lesson with Sportscape too.

In Geography we learnt more about Scandinavia by researching each country using a map of Europe. We learnt about the capital cities, seas and oceans that are linked to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We also used our learning from the last lesson to understand more about the journey the Vikings took to invade England, Scotland and Wales.

See you on Monday for more fun and festivities!
Miss Welch

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