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Year 3 weekly news 17.3.23

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Science week was enjoyed this week in Y3! We have been cricketers, designers and scientists!

In our DT lessons this week, we searched around the room for some mystery envelopes to work out what we were going to be learning about. After reading the information in the envelopes we put the envelopes together and they spelt....JEWELLERY! We then investigated lots of Egyptian inspired jewellery, thinking about what we liked and didn't like and then started to design our own Egyptian necklace collars. We followed this with a very exciting DT lesson where we learned how to do a running stitch. We all got in a circle first, and practiced with ribbon and cardboard before heading back to tables to try it out with needle and thread on binca. All the children did fantastically and we think this will be a fabulous edition when making our Egyptian collars.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a cricket lesson. You learnt about catching and throwing and then all had a go at using the cricket bats to hit the balls. It was so much fun!

In maths this week we have recapped lots of our strategies we have used so far in Y3, mainly column addition, column subtraction, adding fractions, finding fractions of numbers and then we looked at how to work these out in word problems. We have completed more work on perimeter, looking at more complicated shapes and multi-step questions. We also recapped finding the difference between two numbers. Well done Y3, you worked incredibly hard.

In our English lessons this week we have been continuing to look at the diary we found last week and how Emily Sands has written her entry. We have spent time analysing the different paragraphs and discussing what each one is telling us and what type of language she is using. We spoke about how this language sets an atmosphere and makes us want to read on and see what she found in the tomb. We then started coming up with our own ideas and planning our own entries. The children's introductory sentences were really thrilling, and I can see that these diary entries are going to be full of mystery and intrigue! Along with this, we have looked at the past simple tense which is used when writing a diary, and in SPaG we looked at adverbs of time and place.

This week was science week and we started it off with looking into a vegetables journey from field to fork. In teams we researched a vegetable and put our findings into a storyboard. We also carried out an experiment on the importance of handwashing. Some children washed their hands with liquid soap, some with bar soap and some not at all. After handling some bread, we put it in a warm, dark cupboard and will be checking on it over the next couple of weeks to see if our predictions are correct. Watch this space!

We have also started a new science unit all about humans and animals. This weeks' focus was food groups and nutrition. We began with a quick brainstorm of what we already know, followed by watching a powerpoint explaining the different food groups, what these food groups give our bodies and what a healthy diet consists of. After sorting pictures of food into the correct food groups, we looked at food pyramids and thought about what would constitute a healthy meal. We finished by designing meals for a vegetarian, someone with a gluten allergy and someone with a dairy intolerance. Phew, we did work hard!

In R.E. this week we focused on Maundy Thursday, and the customs that Christians do to celebrate this event in the Holy Week. After group discussions on what they do and what we think, we wrote a paragraph answering, "What Christians do to remember Maundy Thursday". The children were able to talk about which was their favourite and why, majority saying the washing of feet because when Jesus did this to the disciples it showed us that he was saying he was the same as us. At the end of our lesson, we held our own Last Supper celebration by drinking wine (blackcurrant squash) and eating bread (a biscuit) to experience this Christian custom. One that everyone enjoyed!

In Heartsmart we rounded off our 'Too much selfie isn't healthy' unit by short clip of Boris and thinking about what we had learned in the unit and how it made us feel.

Well done year 3!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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