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Year 3 News 28.4.23

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We have had another busy week in year 3!

This week, we started our new English unit of work. Firstly, we found a mysterious bowl on the desk with lots of metal items in it and some pictures, one of a metal hand holding a lamp, a dragon orbiting the Earth and some planes and ships. It made us think of lots of questions about our new book! We then made some predictions and later found out our story for this half term is Iron Man by Ted Hughes and illustrations by Chris Mould. We were very excited to read the first two chapters! We used some of the pictures to write our own sentences, making sure they included noun phrases, verbs, adverbs and a 'where to'. You came up with some great sentences and were proud of how they sounded when we shared them out loud!
In maths, we continued on with our fractions unit, this week looking at equivalent fractions and then moving on to comparing fractions. We recapped using the inequality signs and wrote our own inequality statements.

In RE this week, we learnt about Islam. Our new words included muslim, Islam, qu'ran and Allah. We learnt that muslims have 99 names for Allah and that he is never shown in pictoral form. We looked at illustrations using symbols for Allah and designed our own depending on what name we were thinking of. We also learnt that muslims have prayer beads which are made up of 99 beads, each representing the names for Allah. We made our own which was lots of fun and talked about all the things we had learnt about the different faith.

We played Soundcheck on TT Rockstars and loved looking at the bar graph showing how we are all doing, especially when it updates and we've moved further up towards the top!!

In Geography we have started a new unit all about coastlines. We had a brainstorm to see what we already knew and discussed what a coastline actually was. We decided it is where the land meets the sea. We looked at some key vocabulary and found the answers to the words we didn't know. We talked about the coastal areas we have visited in the UK. We made a list on the board and then looked at a map of the UK in an atlas. We found as many of the places on the board and marked them on a blank UK map. We then looked at a map on Digimaps and marked some of our places to check we were correct. Finally, we looked at a contrasting location, Benidorm, on Google maps. We thought about the climate and the physical features we could see and how they were similar or different to the UK.

We had so much fun learning our numbers in French. We sang the numbers in French and enjoyed grooving with the characters!

In music, we continued to play notes B, A and G on our recorders. We played Hot Cross Buns a few times with an aim of keeping in time. By the end of the lesson, we were not far off!

In PE we took part in athletics and OAA. In OAA we focussed on team building games, working together to solve problems and complete activities.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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