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Year 1 News 07.06.24

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Happy Friday! We have a wonderful week this week.

In English we found some new items in our classroom. There were posters, a lantern, a diary and a cup. We got to read another page of our class story where we found out the adults did not listen to Erin when she said Black Rock was safe. We asked the question: what should Erin do? Some of our answers consisted of: 'Tell the adults the wrong direction to Black Rock', and 'Lock parents in the house and then help Black Rock escape.' We read Erin's diary entry and then thought about how she might be feeling inside and what she might say out loud. We cannot wait to find out what happens next in our story.

In maths we have been looking at money. We have spent a lot of time investigating the different coins. Thinking about their size, colour and shape. We have been matching the coin to its value.

In phonics we have been preparing for our phonics screening next week. We have been looking at lots of words. Making sure to say special friends, Fred talk and then say the word. We have looked at the quiz and had a go at saying the different words to get as many points as possible as a class. Everyone has worked super hard! Miss Haynes sent out some phonics videos for the children to watch ready for next week.

This week we have spent a lot of time being Geographers. We started our new topic, our question is: Where is Wybunbury? We started by talking about discussing how not to get lost when going for a walk. We came up with using a map, following the signs or a path. Miss Willis showed us a picture and asked if we knew what it was. It was a compass, we found out that compasses always point towards north and we made our own compasses. We spent some time using the compasses and worked out where north, south, eat and west was in our classroom. Using compasses we played games to find the different points. On Wednesday we had the exciting opportunity to take part in fieldwork to help prepare for the D-day 80 year anniversary celebrations. We learnt geographers investigate places by going outside to collect information in different ways, this is fieldwork. We were told when taking part in fieldwork there is potential dangers we need to be aware of. We all wrote our own risk assessments, thinking of two potential dangers and how we solve them. Our fieldwork saw us find green spaces around the local village and placing flags in those areas. Winnie and Winston also came along with us to the village so we took some photos with the local landmarks. Good job team!

Our new unit question for this term in RE is: What are your favourite things in creation? We talked about how Christian's believe that God created us to be creative. Each table was given modelling clay and told they could create anything they wanted. Everyone took the time to create something and then gave it a title. We discussed how we felt when were creating, and how we liked being able to do what we wanted. The children said they felt calm, happy, nice and pleased. We watched the snowman and the snow dog, watching the boy make the snowman. After we discussed how he felt once he had created something, the children said joy, happy, proud, pride and pleased. All of the children they felt pride over what they had created.

For our first music lesson of this half term, we learnt the solfège hand signs – Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do. We noticed each part has its own pair of coloured hands. We followed the instructions and sang along. We followed the Sound of Music song to sing the solfège signs in order.

We have started our new topic in D&T, the question we will be looking at is: Can I research, make and evaluate a heathy smoothie? We played a game of guess the fruits or vegetables. Then we taste tested different fruits and vegetables, deciding whether we liked them or not. We really enjoyed discussing what we did and didn't like!

In science we were looking at the seasons. We watched how trees change over the seasons. Then we compared the differences between spring and winter. We drew trees, making sure to add details that fit the seasons. For example: spring trees had blossoms and winter trees had no leaves.

This week we have started their new PE unit where they will be building on their target skills from last year. This week, they have started with punting skills, where they kick something, such as a football with the top of the foot before the ball, which is dropped from the hands, hits the ground. After spending some time trying with both feet and challenging our partners to catch the ball after it was punted, year one worked on punting a ball towards different targets. We also had a chance to do some dinosaur yoga which we really enjoyed.

We have started our new topic in computing. We are learning how to programme animations using the ScratchJr app. We learnt how to get onto the app and start a new project. We then looked at the blue blocks and investigated what each one did. We all managed to move our strike, left, right, up and down. We cannot wait to see what else we can do with this app!

Friday finished with a mystery reader, we loved listening to the story Mrs Stockton bought in. Thank you!

Winnie and Winston have gone out on adventures this weekend and will be attending Fig Pie Wakes so if you spot them, don't forget to get a photo with them. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Miss Willis :)

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