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Y6 News of the Week 26.11.21

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A great week of learning has taken place in Y6 this week. You have showed determination with fractions and I know how much you have loved making your Christmas decorations. A big shout out to Izzy who made her own Christmas cards to sell too. All were a huge success. You are superstars Y6.

In Maths this week we have needed our resilience and patience as we continued to work with fractions. We have used our knowledge of lowest common multiples to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. We have worked with improper fractions and used these to enable us to subtract a larger fraction from a smaller one. We have built up our fluency and we now need to apply this knowledge when solving problems. We have also completed an arithmetic paper applying our fraction skills. We have enjoyed iPad time this morning practising out times tables.

In English this week we have edited our shared write thinking about our class targets. We have concentrated on subject specific language, punctuating our quotations accurately and using persuasive phrases. We then used these targets in our hot write. We have also edited our hot write and have admired our work. I have loved reading all your pieces and think you have done an amazing job. Well done Y6. New homework has been set. This includes Spag.com online this week.

We have completed another suffix unit during our spelling lessons and we have also looked at homophones and their meanings.

Book Club this week has been split into three parts, an introduction to the Holocaust, reading with an adult and enjoying our class story.

Our Geography lesson this week focused on how to use basic Ordnance Survey map symbols. We began by drawing a map of a place we know well – our school. We shared and discussed each other's work by asking questions like – Did you add symbols to your map? Could someone find their way around using your map? We then looked at different symbols and guessed their meanings. Using an activity, we moved our learning on by matching the symbols to the place names. Once we had become more familiar with ordnance survey symbols, we used large ordnance survey maps of both London, Crewe and Nantwich. We will continue with our learning next week.

We continued with DT this week. We began our lesson by reviewing our knowledge on poppies. We discussed the poem Flanders Fields again and read it as a chorus. We then focused on creating our templates from our designs using the same process a clothes designer and maker would go through. We will use them next week as we cut our fabrics.

In French this week recapped the alphabet and then continued to learn about our families. We used family names to ask questions. Abi helped with our lesson as we asked and answered questions using French conversation.

In Computing this week we discussed our Alan Turing project. We decided on our props and on the jobs we would each take. Film director, producer, casting director, artistic director and editing director are the roles we have taken. We will now begin to write our scripts ready to practise using iMovie.

We have completed our hot task in Science this week assessing our knowledge on Light. We have thought about vocabulary and answered different statements. We have now completed this unit and will move onto a new one soon.

We have enjoyed spending time with our buddies today sharing stories in the hall. We thoroughly enjoyed making our Christmas craft ready to sell at the Christmas Fair. Our creations were well received and will support fundraising. We also met Santa this week and enjoyed spending time with him in his grotto.

Considering how the words we listen to about ourselves and how they make us feel was this week's HeartSmart task with Miss Holland. We wrote 2 truths and a lie about ourselves in order to show 'the lie' up as a lie! We asked the class to choose our lie. Next, in groups we chose a peer pressure scenario at act out. The main objective was to respond in the right way and divert ourselves away from a pressured situation. Being HeartSmart is being a good friend and knowing who your true friends are.

We have taken part in PE – Joe Wickes style and enjoyed our cricket lesson.

What a fantastic week you have had Y6. I am super proud of you all. Have a wonderful weekend.

Your teacher,
Mrs B.

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