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Y6 News of the Week 19.11.21

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Another very busy week with everyone working hard and trying their best. What more could I ask for? You are all super stars.

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week and in Y6 we have thought about this in many different ways. We have taken part in different worships including the NSPCC speak out and stay safe worship.
We began our week by reading the book King and King. We discussed the story and the message behind this book. Y6 think that you should be proud of who you are and how right they are. Great message Y6.
Our crumpled heart activity was our second task and we used this to highlight how unkind words and actions remain in someone's heart. The paper was crumpled more and more as we discussed hurtful words and actions and then we tried to smooth out our pieces of paper to represent the word sorry. We all realised that the paper would not look like its original piece, and this was a good symbol to represent how someone would feel.
Our final activity was our NSPCC Pants are Private lesson. We discussed the importance of talking to a trusted adult and understanding the difference between good and bad touch. We created our own pants design and included the trusted adults we would turn to. We all watched the Pantosaurus video and reminded ourselves of the PANTS anagram. We discussed the content of this lesson with maturity. I am proud of you Y6.

In our Maths lessons this week we have continued to work with fractions. We have used factors to simplify and multiples to find equivalent fractions. We have used this knowledge to then add and subtract unit fractions and mixed numbers. Our concentration has focused our learning on the methods needed to be successful and we will continue on our fraction journey next week. I have set maths.co.uk homework to consolidate our learning. We finished our week off by practising our times tables using TT Rock Stars.

In English this week we have used my model text to help us to write our own shared write. We have thought carefully about our targets and used our shared box up and toolkit to support our pieces. I have now marked our writing and have loved reading them all. We will now go on to edit and then plan for our hot write. We have used some of our iPad time to catch up with our Spag.com homework. Some will need to be completed throughout this week.

During Book Club this week we have continued to read with an adult and enjoyed more of our story – Letters from the Lighthouse.

We have completed suffix spellings this week and practised some of our Y6 misconception words too. We are now ready to begin a new spelling focus.

This week we have enjoyed another Geography lesson. Our focus has been on time zones around the world. We have used the Allied and Axis list of countries from our previous lessons to investigate their time zones. We considered a few questions during our lesson. How far behind or in front of London are these countries? Think about the impact this had on the war? We used our atlases to answer these questions. Our final challenge was to set each other questions e.g., if it is 6am in London what is the time in Rio?

In Science we shared our understanding of what shadows are and we learnt about the shadows created within the Plato crater on our moon. We set about making a 3D model of the crater to then recreate the same shadows. This reinforced our understanding that a shadow is only formed when the light is blocked and that the angle of the light is important. We also completed a silly shadow activity and this was a fun way to justify what there needs to be to make a shadow, and what a shadow should be like.

Our RE focus enabled us to understand the concept of incarnation in more depth. We studied different artwork and considered how the artist portrayed this important time in the Christian calendar. We then thought about Jesus being sent to restore relationships between God and the people. By the end of the lesson, we had drawn a symbol to represent Jesus being a hero.

Our unplugged computing activities this week gave us the opportunity to demonstrate great teamwork. We watched a video of code breaking to identify the key features of a factual video. We then got our heads together to design a movie plan all about code breaking. We thought about the order of scenes and what each scene needed. We are looking forward to seeing these movies come to life!

In Music this week we began to study and sing our new topic of wartime songs. This week's researchers found out who wrote the song Side by Side, who sung the song, year of its original release and the meaning behind this song. So we could gain an understanding of the lyrics, we had to think about how lives were affected during the war and why these lyrics may have been chosen.

We finished our Art unit off this week by reviewing our shoe sculptures. We arranged them on our tables and then walked around the room to enjoy each other's models. We then came up with a set of questions we could use to review our skills.

We have enjoyed taking part in cricket and PE with Mrs Jenkins.

We ended our week spending time with our buddies and watching our class worship recording.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Your teacher.
Mrs. B.

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