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Y6 News of the Week 12.11.21

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Well done Year 6. A brilliant week of learning has taken place in our classroom. Even though I am at jury service, I have been so pleased to hear all the lovely comments about your learning. Thank you to all staff who have covered my class and I know you will keep continue to work hard Year 6.

We have explored gadgets and the art of persuasion in English this week. Using our model, we rehearsed the key language and structure of a persuasive advert. From this point on we used the tools to engage the reader and explain why this gadget was a must buy. We recapped our learning on speech punctuation to write a quotation paragraph with a recommendation from an expert and we used the structure of the model to fully understand the format of a persuasive piece. We have chosen a gadget of our own to begin writing our shared write next week.

Our new topic in Maths gave us the opportunity to use all of our prior learning to delve deeper in the skills we need to simplify fractions. We explored mixed numbers and improper fractions, and our knowledge of common factors to simplify fractions. Super times tables knowledge is supporting your fractions unit well and you have made a really strong start. We have completed an arithmetic paper and ensured we thought about the skills we use in our starter tasks to support us,

We began our new unit of DT on Monday. we discussed the meaning behind wearing poppies and read the Flanders Fields poem together. The poem brought up some really interesting discussion points too. We then used design ideas to design our own poppies which were fabulous. We have some really adventurous ideas. I can't wait to see them Year 6.

In RE we began our new unit based on Incarnation. As this was our first lesson, we worked hard to understand the meaning of Incarnation and place it in context to where it takes place in the Bible. We learnt that Incarnation is the time when Jesus was born and Jesus is 'God on earth.' We used this information to make a response to the following question; how will the belief in incarnation influence Christians today? We thought carefully about all the Christmas traditions that Christians take part in and summarised how this demonstrated their beliefs.

Our Y6 classroom became very dark during our Science lesson this week. We darkened our classroom to investigate how light from a torch changes with distance. We measured the surface area of the light that shone on the wall at intervals of 0.5m. It was great to use our results to summarise what happens as we moved the torch light away. We then explored how shadows change when the light source moves away. We used the torchlight again and recorded the size of the shadow as we moved the light further away.

Our focus for History enabled us to learn about the role of women in WW2. We all received a letter of employment for a job to help the war effort. We began by researching the main duties for each role including where the job would take place and what opportunities there were to learn new skills. We were surprised to see a photo of the Queen working as a mechanic and we noted that this must have inspired other women. We also looked at propaganda posters to identify how these jobs were advertised and how women were encouraged to take part.

Teamwork was a high priority in our Computing lesson this week. We worked individually to read fact cards all about Alan Turing to then return back to our teams to share as much of this information as possible. The determination to try our best for the rest of our team was great to see Year 6. As a result of this activity, we became familiar with Alan Turing's ground breaking work to decipher German military code. We will become film writers next week.

PE has taken place this week. Mrs Jenkins will post separate Year 6 news and i know cricket was enjoyed by all.

What a way to finish our ukulele unit Year 6! You have done yourselves proud! You have persevered, offered support to others, and most importantly – you've had fun! To bring this unit to a close, we learnt how to play chord A. We practised this numerous times before moving on to recap playing chord F. Next, we practised moving between chord F to E minor; then E minor to chord A. At the end of our lesson, we then played F, E minor x 2 then A to the chorus of Happy by Pharrell Williams. As we all had different levels of confidence, we tried our best to change chords at the right time, but for those of us who found this a bit tricky, we chose to play using 2 chords instead. It still sounded harmonious! Great work Year 6.

During our Friday Wellbeing, Mrs Chesters ensured Year 6 had their precious Reception buddy time. I know how much she enjoyed seeing you all spend time together. Your smiles say it all!

Wow, Year 6. I am amazed by the amount of learning you have achieved. You are all amazing and I am missing you.

Remember to support each other and be one big team.
Your teacher.
Mrs. B

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