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Y6 News of the Week – 10.2.23

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A jam-packed week of learning has taken place in Y6, we haven't had a moment to spare! I am so proud of each and every one of you.

We have completed our unit on percentages this week in maths, ending with a game on our school yard. We know how to find percentages of amounts and how to find the whole when we know the percentage as a part. We can name equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals too. We ended our week with an arithmetic paper which gave us the opportunity to apply our percentage skills. I have set homework to help to consolidate our learning.

We have edited our hot writes in English this week. They are amazing and I am proud of each piece. We will publish them in our studywork books. We have then turned our minds to spelling and grammar, and the words determiners and modal verbs. We know that determiners come before a noun or noun phrase and that modal verbs are used to tell possibility or certainty in verbs.

We have focused on comprehension skills in our book club sessions using The Explorer as our text driver. We have thought about setting and characterisation. We have explored unknown vocabulary and used the text to define new words.

In History this week we all became archaeologists. We began our lesson by closing our eyes and listening to a terrible storm. This storm had uncovered a settlement and we were asked to investigate it. Using photos and findings from the settlement we gave our first impressions of Skara Brae. We thought about the uses of each area and found out that this was a Neolithic settlement. We will continue with this learning next week.

In RE this week, we ventured down to St Chads. We were met by Reverend Alison who gave us the opportunity to see signs of Salvation around the church building. We focused on different items and sketched them ready to discuss back in class. It was a real treat to walk around our church and enjoy the different parts and items we had perhaps never seen before. Thank you, Revered Alison, for taking time out of your day to support our learning.

We have completed our cave art this week. I must say how impressive our display is. I'm sure you will agree from the photos how effective our pre-history cave art of Year 6 is.

We continued with our nested loops in computing this week. We worked with partners to use repeated instructions and to loop them into a nest to create snowflakes. This lesson was a definite challenge as we needed to think about degrees turned and the correct use of pixels.

We continued with our science unit this week. We needed to classify living things by looking at the classification group for animals. Children used a wide range of animal pictures to sort according to a chosen criterion. This gave the opportunity to discuss dilemmas and key questions to solve them.

We thoroughly enjoyed our penultimate forest schools lesson this week. We supported our buddies to roast marshmallows and then we went on to build shelters thinking about our Stone Age topic. We had to think about comfort and how waterproof our shelters would be. We will continue with this next week.

In music this week we continued to play our duet tasks using the note E. We were much improved. We then moved on to our next piece of music – Good, Better, Best. We labelled our new notes, C, D, E and F.

We used our knowledge of counting to 100 in French this week. We calculated times table questions and spoke the number sentences out loud to our partners.

We have enjoyed two PE lesson this week and we have visited our daily mile often.

We enjoyed a day in our comfy clothes this week as we celebrated metal health day. We thought about how unique we all are and enjoyed designing artwork to share our ideas.

We ended our week with a PSHE lesson on healthy food – healthy hearts. We thought about a balanced diet and what this would look like if we were to choose a meal for ourselves. We know that fresh fruit and vegetables along with some carbohydrates, fats and sugars and fibre is required to keep us healthy. We also know how important it is to drink plenty of fresh water.

It has definitely been a very busy week and we haven't stopped. Year 6 you always amaze me with the attention you pay to all your lessons and I am very proud of your results.

Have a fabulous weekend.
Your teacher.
Mrs B.

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