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Y5 News 03.12.21

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Last week's news.

In English last week, we continued learning about the 'able' suffix as part of our spelling unit. We have also learnt about apostrophes. We recapped how to use an apostrophe for missing letters and how to use an apostrophe when showing plural and single possession.  

In Maths, we learnt about types of numbers.  This included learning about cubed, squared and prime numbers.  

Our Computing lesson had a History and D.T focus as we were finding out about Victorian toys. We learnt that rich and poor children had different types of toys and one of the toys they played with was called an automata toy. We then investigated automata toys and learnt that they have a moving mechanism. We learnt what each of the components in the moving mechanism were called, and we were excited to find out that we will be making our own automata toys as part of our D.T project. In our second D.T lesson of the week, we investigated cam movements. We learnt that cams come in different shapes and that the shape of the cam determines the movement it can create. We investigated the movement of a round cam, eccentric cams, egg-shaped cam and a snail cam.

In R.E,  we continued to look at the names that Jesus is given at Christmas time. We listened to two pieces of music and compared how they both share the same message from Isaiah 9:5-17. We considered the style of the music and whether or not it matched the importance of the message being shared. We also thought about which one we liked best.

In Geography, we were looking at what trade is. Trade is an important part of our economy and we learnt that goods are imported and exported to and from Britain.

We were tasked with being members of a town council in our HeartSmart lesson. We were in charge of the council's budget and we had to decide where to allocate our money. There were 10 different areas ranging from homelessness to school. We found it difficult as not everything could be given money. This led us to talk about the decisions we had make and the impact they would have. We then talked about the different decisions we make everyday in our own lives and the impact they have. We talked about how they are just as tricky and how it is important to that our decisions that are thought through.

Singing was the focus of our music lesson. We continued learning our song about the Victorians and we practices the actions we had created too. This week we have also started practicing for our Christmas carol service. It was so lovely to sing some of our favourite songs. It really does feel like Christmas has arrived in Y5.

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