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Y1 weekly newsletter 08.10.21

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Another week in Y1 has flown by and we have completed so much learning.

In English, we started the week by entering the classroom with lots of pictures of the naughty bus in Wybunbury stuck to our walls. We then had a huge envelope that said 'To Y1'. We thought about why the naughty bus was in Wybunbury and who the letter was from. Once we opened the letter we found out that it was from the naughty bus' owner and that she wanted to sell the naughty bus at the Wybunbury garage near school. They asked us if we could help make an advert for the naughty bus to help sell it. We then spent the rest of the week learning about what an advert is and the features we see in adverts such as exaggeration, questions and adjectives. I am so proud of how well you have understood adverts and how well you are recognising them in the world around you.

In phonics this week you have been working super hard learning all of your new sounds. We have worked on using Fred in your head to try and help our fluency so that we can read faster. Well done on all of the reading you have done at home as well, it is a delight to read through all of the positive comments in your reading journals.

In maths this week, we finished our unit of place value to 10 by consolidating our knowledge of ordinal numbers and using a number line to help you with your calculations. You were then introduced to your new topic of part part whole models. We have completed lots of practical maths to help you with this concept. You were given an apple on your table and you had to decide if it was a whole or part. Then when you cut the apple in half you had to work out if it was a whole or part. We then realised that our two parts of our apple make a part. This then helped us to understand the part part whole model. You then completed lots of activities outside whilst exploring the part part whole model and representing different numbers through addition.

Our afternoon learning has been just as busy as our mornings!

In science, you have investigated the language of transparent and opaque. You had an investigation to find out the best material to make the bus' windows out of. You told me that they had to be strong and see through. You then learnt the meaning of transparent and opaque when you were given a piece of wood and a sheet of clear plastic to look through. You looked through different materials to classify whether they were transparent or opaque. We found out that glass is the best material because it was transparent and strong.

In Computing this week you were introduced to the app pic collage. You learnt how to turn the iPad on, load the app, take pictures and upload them onto pic collage. Some of you even added text to your collage and labelled the different types of transport you took a picture of.

In music this week, we sorted our percussion instruments into ones we could: shake, tap or blow. We then worked in pairs to play a rhythm of high and low sounds. This involved following a key, and shaking or tapping our instruments in the correct way to create the right pitch. A song called 'Shapes' was our listen and respond task. We were a bit undecided as to whether we liked this song or not. Some of us thought it was great and got involved by air drawing the shapes. We learnt about a new shape – an octagon, and how it has 8 sides! Even though we were split on liking the song, we all moved along to the beat of the music.

In RE this week, we built upon our knowledge of the wise and foolish man by discussing the story further. You showed at very clear understanding of how you can be wise and how you can be foolish. You then drew a story board of each part of the story so that you could retell it to your friends. We then sang a long to the wise and foolish man whilst using Makaton.

In history this week, you focused on the history of flight. We looked at two significant people 'Amy Johnson' and 'The Wright brothers'. You spent a lot of time learning about their achievements and why they were important. We used a timeline to show the key events in their life and you then put this in your history books. We found out that they were similar because they both like aeroplanes and they both wanted to fly them. They were different because Amy was a pilot and the Wright brothers were inventors of the first aeroplane. Our key message in our lesson was that both females and males can be interested in transport and both have had huge influences on us.

In D&T, you were introduced to your first lesson by discussing vehicles. You all brought in your own vehicle and we discussed the key features on each of the vehicles you had. You then compared them with your partner so you could find out what was similar and what was different. We focused in on wheels and you found out that not all vehicles have wheels, some are different sizes and some have different amounts. At your table, you looked at the different vehicles and you wrote how many wheels they had, if they are used on land, water or in the air and other features they have. I was so impressed with the technical language you used when describing your vehicles.

Your homework has been put on school jam this week and there is a video to watch and an activity to complete. It is called 'missing numbers 1'. Remember to read your book three times and to complete any pieces of your bingo homework.

The harvest service was sent to you on Friday evening. Y1 and 2 have both worked incredibly hard on practicing for the harvest service. I was so proud of how clear the children spoke and the confidence they showed. Well done everyone! We hope you enjoy it as much as us.

Y1, I am so proud of how hard you have worked this week and how much learning you are doing each day. I am so impressed with how engaged you are in our topic and how you are showing a love for learning. Well done team superstars!

Have a super weekend!

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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