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Y1 weekly news 17.9.21

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Wow Y1, can you believe another week has just flown by. This week some of us have been at school and some of us have been home learners. I am so proud of the resilience you have shown this week as we had to return back to a bubble to keep ourselves safe. I am just beaming with pride.

In English, you have worked super hard on innovating the build up of the naughty bus. You started by boxing up the imitation story and thinking about the structure of the story. We found out that the build up is when we find out how naughty the London bus is. You excitingly took your naughty bus out for an adventure either at home or in the garden at school. You decided on three naughty things your bus would do. There was lots of giggles and more importantly the descriptive language you were using was fantastic. You then decided the plan of your build up and then on Thursday and Friday we used our pictures to write a sentence underneath to explain what the naughty bus was doing. These sentences were fantastic and you really worked hard on using your phonics knowledge to spell each word. I can't wait to finish our build up on Monday and then we will be having a go at innovating the problem and resolution.

In phonics this week you have learnt the special friends 'ch' 'th' 'sh' 'ng' 'nk'. You concentrated on saying each sound clearly and then you practiced writing each of the special friends in your books. You even read some words using Fred talk and then challenged yourself to use Fred in your head. Miss Holland and I was so proud!

In maths this week, we have started our power maths books and our place value topic. You have learnt about grouping objects together, counting the objects, counting backwards and finding one more than. We have enjoyed using numicon this week to find one more than. We realised if the numicon piece has one more hole then this would be one more than. We have also enjoyed listening to different number songs to help us count forwards and backwards.

In our afternoon learning we have been super busy bees. You have been timeline sorters, hot air balloon makers and material hunters.

In science this week, we built upon our learning around materials by searching for different materials in our garden. You were amazing at looking for different objects and then explaining what that object was made from. We realised that most of the objects in our garden was wood and that we don't have a lot of objects made from glass. Take a look at some of our pictures to see what we found...

In history this week, you spent Thursday and Friday creating an information booklet about a type of transport. Each group had a different type of transport to look at. You had to order your pictures from a long time ago to old to now. Once you did this you went on a fact hunt to find out information about each type of transport. On Friday, once you had finished your booklets you taught the class about the history of your transport and the different inventions.

In RE, you continued your learning about good news and bad news. You focused in on the good news and bad news in the bible. You understood that when Jesus was born that was good news but when Adam and Eve ate the apple that was bad news. You created a newspaper headline in your book about the good news from the bible and drew a picture to go alongside it.

This week in our heart smart lesson, we learnt how the choices we can make help or hurt our hearts. As a class, we shared these ideas. Being heart smart in Y1 means looking for ways that help our hearts and the hearts of those around us. We had to think about our own power on buttons. The 'I' represents, how I can love myself more and the 'O' represents, how I can love others more. We then drew our own power on buttons, stuck them on our hearts, and turned them on!

We have also spent our choosing time out in the garden making mud pies, creating sandcastles, mixing colours together and using our imagination to choose our play for us.

Well done on a super week Y1 and I know we are excited to welcome back some of our friends next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Haynes

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