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Y1 weekly news 12.11.21

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Y1, we have had a busy week from learning how to make fires in forest school to being able to sit in a police car.

In English this week, you found out that we are going to be helping the charity 'The woodland trust' all year. We started to look at an information text and what we used information texts for. You have been using our text map of 'All about woodlands' to learn what woodlands are, what animals you may see there and the threats to woodlands. You learnt that 15 billion trees are cut down each year and this is a threat to us because they provide us with oxygen. It our job to try and encourage people to plant more trees. To help with this you made some fantastic posters to raise awareness and we can't wait to stick them around school and Wybunbury.

In phonics, you have been continuing to learn all of the different sounds and you have been practicing segmenting and blending sounds to read them in words. I was amazed by all of your fluent reading this week.

In maths this week, you carried on working really hard with our addition topic. You learnt how to count on to find the missing number in the sum by using a number line. You became super fast this week at recalling your number bonds to 10 and we managed to get a score of 22/22 which definitely beat the teacher as my score was 7/7. Well done team! Next week we will be learning the reverse of addition and will learn all about subtraction.

Our afternoons this week have been filled with lots of different learning experiences.

To immerse you further into our transport topic, we had a very special visit from PC Nick who taught you all about the different types of transport in the police force. You wrote questions in English and asked him these questions. You also learnt how to make a 999 phone call if there was ever an emergency. Finally at the end of the session, you all had a go at sitting in the police car whilst turning the lights and sirens on. It was amazing to see all of your faces light up.

In forest school and science this week, you learnt all about seasonal changes. You learnt about the name of the four seasons and what season we were in now. You then went on a hunt to find items that show signs of autumn. In your boxes, you had different coloured leaves, harvested fruit, berries and nuts that had fallen off trees. We spoke about the different changes and why they happened. Then you learnt how to make a fire using the dragon puff sneezes. I was amazed by your bravery and how willing you were to have a go. You used a tea bag to show how good your fire skills were. Then we toasted marshmallows all together which was definitely your favourite bit!

In your extra sportscape session this week, you learnt the skills of playing dodgeball. You learnt how to throw, catch and dodge. By the sound of the hall, I think you were all having a brilliant time!

In science this week, we finished our materials topic off with a quiz. I was shocked to find out how much information you have retained about our topic and how you can name materials and their properties. Well done you!

In art this week you were introduced to canal art. You found out the importance of canals and canal boats in the past and why people started painting their canal boats. You found out that on canal boats you will see bright colours, patterns, castles and roses. You used oil pastels to carefully colour in your rose. You thought about the bright colours you could use and how to shade them in.

In DT, you finished off your buses by putting your wheels and axles on. You all had a practice of moving your buses around and you were definitely very proud of them. We will finish our learning off next week by evaluating them.

In your choosing time, you followed your own interests by crafting, building, cooking and role playing. It is always lovely to see how you learn through play during these moments and the way you interact with those around you.

Your homework this week is practicing your adding, I have sent this through email to parents. If you have bingo homework to do than you are more than welcome to complete this and send it through seesaw. Remember to keep reading as it's so important.

Have a lovely weekend team superstars! I will see you on Monday for another week of learning.

Miss Haynes

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