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Y1 class news 26.11.21

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What a fantastic festive week we have had that has helped us to get into the Christmas spirit. From Christmas craft making to seeing Santa, it has been a joyful week had by all.

In English this week, we finished our independent writes that were 'all about trees'. You beautifully wrote about the appearance of a tree, the animals you may find in a tree and an interesting fact. You are definitely tree experts. I loved the detail you put into your work and how proud you were at the end. It was a delight to read them all!

In phonics, you have been continuing to learn your new sounds each day and have been reading your lovely stories to your phonic's teachers.

In maths this week, you have continued your work around subtraction. We focused a lot of the week on the term fact families which is where you can get 4 sums from one part part whole model. Difficult concept, right? Well Y1 you completely blew my socks off with the way you mastered fact families. You were confidently putting all of your skills together to add and subtract. I am one very proud teacher.

In the afternoon the fun does not stop with a wide range of activities happening.

In RE, you learnt about the angel coming to visit Mary. You all role played this out with a partner with one person being Mary and the other being the angel. We really enjoyed this and it was lovely to see how confident you were when you performed it to the class. We thought about what we had learnt from this visit and you all said that 'Jesus was a special baby and Jesus meant saviour'. You created a lovely picture in your book to show the angel's visit and you wrote in your speech bubble something that the angel told us about Jesus.

In art, you carried on with your learning around canal art. You all recapped the skill of creating thicker and thinner lines by using different pencils and using more force when you are drawing. You then learnt how to shade to create light and dark tones in your drawings. You then drew a castle taken from a painting done on a canal boat. Your castles were beautiful and so much better than mine! There was definitely some proud faces at the end of the lesson.

In geography, we carried on with our learning
about our local area. You worked super hard on recapping the definitions of physical and human features of geography. We then followed the naughty bus on a journey around Wybunbury. We visited the church tower, moss, brook, white lion pub and even the post office. You drove your naughty bus' around on a map whilst stopping at these different places. You then had the important job to sort out the different places in Wybunbury so that you could understand if they were human or physical features of Geography.

Truth or lies? Our heart smart focus was to differentiate between the truth and lies that may be spoken about us. We remembered Boris had to learn the difference between the two. We also know that choosing to listen to the truth is HeartSmart and it changes us for the better. We also wrote about strengths and what makes us unique.

'' WOW'' and '' Oooooo' were the sounds I could hear in forest school this week as you built on your fire making skills and started to use wood in your fires so it could last longer. I was amazed by your fire safety skills and how sensible you all were. Mr Hadfield always praises you on your fantastic behaviour and willingness to join in. We also created some beautiful leaf art work on an owl which linked very well to the work we had been doing in English.

On Thursday, we had the special surprise of meeting Father Christmas. Wow Y1, your faces lit up like a Christmas tree. You were in complete awe of seeing Father Christmas and I knew you all missed him last year as he couldn't make it because of the coronavirus and having to isolate. Good job, he has had his vaccine this year! You sat beautifully and told him all about how you had been a kind person this year and how you help your mummy and daddy at home. You told him all about the presents you want...he was a little bit unsure of how he might get a flying unicorn in his sack. You were all so grateful of the presents Father Christmas gave you and you used your beautiful manners to thank him and even a little hug was given. As darkness came, our field was filled with the Christmas spirit as we visited our first ever Wybunbury Christmas markets. This was a fantastic night!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I will be looking forward to meeting with your parents this week to celebrate all of your amazing achievements in Y1 so far.

Miss Haynes

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