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This term all of the classes immersed their children into their topic by creating some amazing and wonderful big art.

In pre-school, the children were very busy creating junk yard houses to immerse themselves into the topic of ‘The three little pigs’. The children thought carefully about their house features and added doors, windows, roofs and even tiles. These look incredible pre-schoolers and I can see you have worked very hard.

In reception, the children looked at the artist Paul Horton and some of his artwork based on houses. The children observed the different ways he uses colour in his paintings, some were brightly painted with primary colours, and some were muted and used shades of grey. Everyone noticed how Paul Horton painted a heart coming out of the chimney and how this represents that home is where we feel loved the most. This is certainly a very special message. The children in reception were then very busy at creating their own houses using pen for a bold outline and paint for the bold colouring. Your houses look very welcoming reception!

In Y1, the children were introduced to the artist Henri Rousseau and they found out that he was a French artist who painted the jungle. We found out that Henri Rousseau had never visited the jungle but used his imagination and his visits to botanical gardens to create realistic paintings of the jungle. The children then used 3D modelling to create their own animals out of cardboard and tissue paper. They then created their very own leaves to cover the animals (just like Henri Rousseau) using the wax resist technique with brusho and wax pastels. I think your very own jungle looks very realistic, I can almost hear the snake hissing and the tiger roaring.

In Y2, the children were introduced to artist Vincent Van Gough and his beautiful painting of starry night. The children used oil pastels to recreate their 3D model of the starry night. The children used the following techniques to create different textures. The children learnt how to add long and short strokes, blending, layering, pointillism and drawing which has helped you all to add detail to your different parts of starry night. They look beautiful Y2 and has helped to create a wonderful display in your class.

In Y3, the children were excitedly immersed into their topic of ‘The Egyptians’ by recreating their very own sarcophagi. The children created them by drawing them out on corrugated card, sticking paper mache over the card to make them more 3D and then they used paint to paint their very own designs on them. I love how much detail you have put on the designs Y3!

In Y4, the children were introduced to Paul Klee. They learnt that he was an abstract artist. He used the phrase ‘A line is a dot that went for a walk.’ The children looked very carefully at his pieces of art and how he used shapes to build objects and images. Y4 were then very inspired by Paul Klee’s ‘A castle in the sun’ to recreate their own castle art. The children completed this in the style of stain glass windows by using oil pastels and black pen to create a castle from abstract blocks. Miss Welch then displayed them in the window and I think we can all agree that they look incredible when the sun is setting over the classroom.

In Y5, the children were immersed into their topic of ‘Ancient Greece’ by creating their very own Greek pots. The children researched different Ancient Greek pots and thought carefully about the different styles that they used to paint them. The Y5 children even realised that the elements of Greek life were depicted on them. The children then created giant versions of Greek pots for the classroom. When it came to painting them the children thought back to the styles that they had researched. They look wonderful Y5 and you have created a stunning display in your classroom.

In Y6, the children were immersed into their topic of ‘ The Stone Age’ by creating cave paintings. The children researched different paintings and drawings people created on the stone walls of the caves. The children then created their cave by layering mod roc over screwed up tissue paper to create the stone wall. Once these were dried, the children used willow charcoal to draw on their replica cave art. Some of you even worked together to create one together, now that is team work Y6. I think we can all agree how amazing these look in your classroom!

Well done to all of the children at Wybunbury Delves for the amazing pieces of big art they have created this term. I have enjoyed watching you come together as teams to create them and see them come together.

Miss Haynes

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