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Welcome to Year 3 3.9.21

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Welcome back to school Year 3s! I thoroughly enjoyed our two days together getting to know you all. We introduced our new learning theme of the Romans and found out some interesting facts about them. We learnt about who they were, that they had a huge and very strong army, that they used shields to protect themselves and lots of things that they invented, including the toilet! We did find out some pretty disgusting facts too, like they used a sponge on a stick instead of toilet paper and it wasn't cleaned very often either!

In our Big Art sessions, we made our very own life size shields, after finding out all about what special symbols the Romans used on their shields and why. We then designed our own on paper first and worked together to draw and paint the details on. They are already on display looking fantastic in our classroom.

We also enjoyed a special story called 'The World needs who you were made to be' ( all about how we are all different and what we can achieve when we reach our potential and are comfortable being ourselves. We then worked on painting our own hot air balloons (this is what the characters in the story all put their skills to) and each one was unique. We then set to a very special task where we moved around the room and our classmates told us what words they would use to describe each person. Our boards were filled with words like helpful, confident, kind, playful, energetic, generous, friendly, smiley and much more. We then chose our favourite three words and added them to our hot air balloons. Have a look at the pictures to see them for yourselves. They look wonderful in the classroom and remind us how we are all important and how 'the world needs you who you were made to be.'

I am already looking forward to our full week together and I will see you all tomorrow.
Miss McCurrie

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