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Welcome back Y1!

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Welcome back Y1, I hope you have all had a fantastic half term. We have had a busy week back in school filled with lots of new experiences.

In English, we started writing our cold write where you wrote about why trees are important. This will help to lead us onto our new talk for writing topic this week. For the rest of last week, you focused on our SPAG focus which was to add -ing onto the end of verbs. You recapped your understanding of nouns and adjectives and then you learnt what a verb was. We found out that verbs are doing words because we can act a verb out. You started changing verbs and adding -ing onto the end of them, writing the missing -ing verb into sentences and then you finally finished your learning off with writing your own sentences with -ing verbs.

You have been super Fred talkers this week in phonics as you read your new sounds and words. I am so impressed with how everyone has settled into their new phonics groups and shown their teachers what amazing readers you are!

In maths, we started our new topic of addition and subtraction. You worked really hard adding the two parts of a part part whole model to find the whole. You answered lots of questions in your power maths books to help you with this. We then moved onto finding the missing part by counting on from the other part to the whole. This is just like a missing number sum! We found this very tricky so we decided to do some practical work in the hall and use hoops as our part part whole. We understood this learning a lot better after our practical lesson.

Our afternoons have been just as busy as our mornings....

In DT, you are still in the making process of your naughty bus. This week, you have drawn all of your passengers, cut them out and stuck them onto your naughty bus. Next week, we will finish our project off by adding our axles and wheels so that our buses can move.

On Monday, you had your first sportscape session where you played lots of team games in the hall. Mr Owens was very impressed with your behaviour in the hall. Well done superstars!

In computing this week, you learnt the code for jump. You had lots of fun embedding the code into your algorithms by instructing your gamers how to move along a course. You were very good at remembering the language of 'turn' and 'forward' from our previous lessons. Once we got back to our classroom, we found out that our bus driver needed to get back to his bus but there was a pond in the way. You then had write an algorithm code to get him to his bus by using our jump symbol when he got to the pond. You are very confident at knowing what algorithms are and using them in computing. Well done team!

It was our first forest school session in Y1 this week and what fun we had! We wrapped ourselves up in our forest school clothes and set off to meet Mr Hadfield. Mr Hadfield read you a book about a woodpecker and then showed you some fantastic resources like birds nests, antlers and deer fur. Mr Hadfield then taught you how to build a shelter for a person just using sticks. You were all very good at safely carrying the stick and building our class den. You then built shelters for mini beasts and then slowly poured them into a mini beast hotel that the Y2s had made previously in the morning. We finished our first forest school session with making fire and roasting marshmallows. I was so proud of how well you listened in forest school and how well you behaved. You were superstars!

On Friday, you had a well deserved well-being day. You added pieces onto your naughty bus, went on fort Lewis and the adventure playground and made some amazing firework art.

Your homework for this week has been set up on school jam and it is called balance bridge 1 . You have your bingo homework to complete by the end of this half term where certificates will be given to those children who have completed it. Please remember to read your phonics book three times and your challenge book once.

Enjoy your firework and bonfire spectacular weekend but remember to stay safe.

See you all on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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