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Welcome back to PE 10.9.21

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Welcome back to PE Wybunbury Delves!
It's so lovely to see familiar faces again and to meet some new ones as well!
We have had a lovely start to our new term and our new unit, invasion games skills. Every class was able to tell me what invasion games are, which is brilliant! Invasion games generally incorporate those that include attacking and defending e.g. football, netball, hockey etc. This term we will be focussing on the skills used in these sports.
Years 1 & 2 worked on our throwing and catching skills. We used different size balls to see which were easier and harder to use. We played cat and mouse where the mouse has to try to escape from the cat and then we worked on our accuracy by throwing the ball into hoops. We were also introduced to a chest pass.
Years 3 & 4 began with a game of cat and mouse but with the introduction of a ball. We had to bounce dribble the ball while trying to evade the following cats! We moved on to play catch the catcher. Two teams standing opposite each other, behind a line of cones, one throws the ball to the opposition and the catcher of the ball has to run to the sideline before the thrower tags them. Then we played a great game of 'piggy in the middle'!
Years 5 & 6 played cat and mouse also but both the cat and mouse had balls to bounce dribble. We followed with a game of 'rob the nest'. We had a centre circle of balls guarded by two defenders and two teams, at opposite ends, that had to try and steal one ball at a time. Anyone who got tagged by a defender had to go back to base empty handed! We finished off with a game of 'tag tag'! Each of us had a tag belt and two tags. We had to steal other peoples tags while making sure ours didn't get snatched! A super game that we have all asked to play again next week!
What a fantastic return to PE!
A quick reminder about PE kit. It is either blue sports top or white top, black shorts/leggings/tracksuit, black/sports hoody and trainers. Please try to use velcro fastening trainers if your child cannot do their own laces. It takes a lot of time to fasten a class full of laces! Lastly, no jewellery should be worn on PE days. Earrings should either be taken out for the day or taped up to avoid injury or being lost on the field.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Mrs Jenkins

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