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PE News 30.6.23

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It's been a bit of a changeable week. We've had rain, wind and hot sun, all at the same time!

We have continued our unit of tennis.

We warmed up again by rolling the ball around the racquet, keeping control and balance and we bounced the ball on the racquet. We also bounced the ball off the floor and practised using both hands on the racquet.

Years 1 to 3 continued on from previous weeks, hitting and returning the ball in pairs. We flicked the ball off the racquet, let it bounce before our partner caught it on theirs. Then we moved on to hitting the ball to our partners and trying to maintain a small rally. We knew that we needed to hit the ball to our partners so they could return it. If we hit it too far, they would struggle to return the shot. We made sure that we regained control by bouncing the ball several times before returning the ball.

Year 4 got caught in the rain and, despite waiting it out for a few minutes, we had to admit defeat and move into the hall for some Just Dance.

Years 5 & 6 continued working on our rallies, making sure that we kept control of the ball and didn't over hit. We moved on to trying to place the ball either to the left or right of our partners, building up to scoring points in rallies.

We're getting better every lesson! Great job!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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