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PE News 28.4.23

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It's been a great week on the field where we have continued our athletics unit.

We began with a sustained run again. We ran more laps of the track but at a slower pace, to try to increase how far we can run without stopping. We have certainly started to concentrate on running much slower, rather than running fast and having to stop to catch our breath.

We focussed on field events this week.

In javelin, we reminded ourselves how we stand and where we hold the javelin. We focussed on trying to throw it with the nose up so that we were able to get some height on the throw.

Years 1 and 2 used bean bags to replicate the shot put. We practised tucking the bean bag into our necks and pushing it away. Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 tried out 600g shots. We used the same technique as the bean bags but had to push much harder to throw the extra weight. Most of us found it better with the heavier weights and we had some brilliant throws!

We recapped the sideways scissor jump that we use for high jump and used hurdles to practise over.

We also continued with long jump and introduced the hop, step, jump of triple jump.

Our final station was sprint shuttles around the track. Every red cone indicated sprinting and yellow cones meant walking and recovery.

Great job everyone!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jenkins

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