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PE News 24.9.21

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We've completed another great week of PE in the lovely sunshine!
Years 1 and 2 have worked on attacking and defending skills. We played games like cat and mouse and piggy in the middle to reinforce our attacking skills of finding a space and changing direction and defending skills of staying close to attackers and following their moves. We then moved into small teams and played rollball where we rolled the ball to other members of our team to try and score a goal while trying to defend when the other team did the same.
Years 3 and 4 focussed on the skill of shielding. We began with a game of cat and mouse where we had to shield the football from our partners. Afterwards, we rotated around three stations; football, basketball and hockey. At each, we played king of the ring, where we had to shield our ball whilst trying to knock other children's balls out of the area.
Years 5 and 6 focussed on overlapping. We worked in 3's with the person in the middle always having the ball. We passed either left or right and then ran around to the outside of the person we had thrown to. Our aim was to always give the person with the ball an option to pass left or right. We practised this skill around three stations; football, basketball and rugby. Afterwards we managed a quick game of football and basketball tag (like tag rugby but using the skills of football and basketball) which was great fun!
Another quick reminder please; earrings need to either be taken out or taped up on PE days. Also long hair, including long fringes, needs to be tied up for PE please.
Another fantastic week of PE again with many outstanding performances and lots of resilience shown! Well done everyone!
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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