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PE News 23.9.22

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What a terrific third week we've had!

Years 1 and 2 moved on to hockey this week. We looked at the differences between the Unihoc sticks and the traditional, Quick Sticks. The Unihoc being lighter, made of plastic and the head is flat on both sides, more like an ice hockey stick. We explored the best way to hold the sticks and how to turn the sticks in order to push the ball left and right only using the flat side of the stick. We moved around the playground and field, pushing the ball. Whenever we came to a cone, we dribbled around it and then carried on. We finished with dribbling races.

Years 3 and 4 also played hockey this week. We began by dribbling the ball, trying to push the ball along rather than hit it too far ahead. We moved on to dribbling and then hitting the ball when the whistle blew. After we had hit the ball, we chased it and then had to get low, with the stick flat on the floor, to stop the ball. We moved into small teams to do dribbling relays and then played 'Rob the Nest', where we had to run, one at a time, and take a ball from the nest in the middle. We dribbled the ball back and then the next person in our team did the same, until all of the balls had gone.

5 and 6 also moved on to hockey, working through the same skills and games as years 3 and 4. We then added an extra game of 'King of the Ring'. We had to dribble around a coned area and whenever we came to another player, we had to use a 'jab' movement to knock their ball out of the area. If our ball was knocked out, we had to dribble around the outside of the area.

Another great week. Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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