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PE News 19/11/21

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Wow! It's been a busy old week in PE!
Years 1 and 2 continued with our new gymnastics units. We used all of the box apparatus, as well as benches and mats to explore different ways of travelling. Our aim was to complete short sequences, beginning with a starting position balance, travelling along, over or under the apparatus in a square so that we finished back where we started.
Year 3 carried on our gymnastics unit this week. We focussed on balances and how we moved in and out of the balance. We had a sequence of balances to perform; shoulder, hands, large contact (i.e. back), high and low. We performed each one, paying particular attention to how we moved from one to the other.
Years 4, 5 and 6 continued our dance units. All three classes started with Superman as a warm up dance! We all love the warm up dances and suggestions for others are coming in thick and fast!
Year 4 and 5 thought back to last week and the dance moves we created from our mind maps. After our recap, we began adding more travel into those moves to enable us to cover more ground within our dance.
Year 6 continued with their Charleston routines from last week. We added extra moves and found more ways to link the moves together. We then performed and assessed our dances so far. We will continue with these next week.
A brilliant week of PE again with lots of amazing performances! Well done everyone!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Jenkins

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