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PE News 17.6.22

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What a great week of PE! The sun has shone as have the children.

Years 1 and 2 continued our fielding unit by concentrating on throwing and catching. We had began with a ball each, throwing it in the air with one hand and catching it with two. We tried to make sure we threw the ball straight up in the air and when we caught it, we cupped our hands, closed our fingers around the ball and brought the ball in to our chests. We challenged ourselves by clapping between throwing and catching. We then moved to different skills stations; target nets, cone throw and catch, hit the cones and throwing into different size circles.

Year 3 and 4 focussed on throwing and catching to improve our fielding skills. We began by bouncing and throwing the ball to ourselves and even added in some clapping to challenge ourselves. Then we moved into pairs to practise throwing and catching. Each time we threw and caught the ball we took a step further away from each other, if we dropped it we stayed in place. Finally, we played a variation of longball. We worked in small groups to try and throw the ball, from a small square, over fielders, and for it to land in the target zone. If we were successful, we scored a point, then we swapped places. Whoever scored the most points won.

Years 5 and 6 also worked on throwing and catching skills. We started in pairs, throwing and catching the ball. We worked on adding power to our throws by using all of our bodies when throwing. We altered the distances between us and also added in other skills like throwing to the side of our partner so they needed to run to catch, picking the ball up while moving and then throwing and running and turning while throwing. Afterwards, we split into two teams, with each team spread out around the opposite two sides of a square. We all had a tennis ball and had to throw at a big ball in the middle of the square and try to move it over the opposing teams' line. Finally, we also played longball but we chose how difficult we made it by moving the target zone further away and making it smaller.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Jenkins

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