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PE News 15.10.21

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It's been a blustery week outside but we've worked super hard!
Years 1 and 2 continued with ball skills. We stood opposite one another and did ten toe taps on the ball. Starting with one foot on the ball and one off and swapping feet trying to make sure the ball stays stationary). Then we drew circles with the ball by rolling a foot over the ball and guiding it to make a circle. Followed by using one foot as support, manipulating the ball using the sole of our foot to spell our initials and a word. We learned how to trap a ball by putting our foot on the top of the ball and then added that to dribbling the ball using 'big toe, little toe.' Afterwards, we played relay races using our dribbling skills.
Years 3 and 4 completed our invasion games skills. We rotated around different stations, a shooting station- hoops placed at different distances to test our throwing strength and accuracy, a pass and move station- once the ball had been thrown and caught, everyone except the catcher moves to a different cone and a football shooting station-with different distances and accuracy cones in the goal. We worked fantastically!
Years 5 and 6 changed focus slightly and worked through a lesson from the leadership unit. We worked in groups and each were given a brief outline of a game. We had to decide a main starting point and how we would show progression through the activity. Then we had to choose which equipment we would need. Once we were set up, we had to practise our own activity before trying out other groups'. We then had a quick break so we could feed back ideas to each other before we had the chance to change our game slightly. A fantastic lesson where we all showed outstanding collaborative and leadership skills!
Well done everyone, another wonderful week!
Mrs Jenkins

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