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PE News 14.10.22

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What a fabulous fifth week we've had!

Years 1 and 2 moved on to football this week. We began with a game of dishes and domes. We all had a cone, half the class put them upside down (dishes), the other put them the right way up (domes). The dishes had to turn all the cones upside down and the domes vice versa. We then moved into pairs and had a football between us. We had to follow our partner who dribbled the ball around, using the 'big toe, little toe' technique. We also had to stop the ball using the sole of our foot, then roll it backwards. We swapped constantly so we had to both keep moving! We had a play at some of our own tricks and finished with a dribbling relay.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all did similar work culminating in a game of Endball.

We started by recapping the three main netball throws; chest push, bounce pass and shoulder pass. Years 3 and 4 concentrated on shorter throws with accuracy and also making sure we caught the ball, bringing it into our chests to keep it safe. Years 5 and 6 focussed on adding power to our throws by using our body weight and throwing to either side of the catcher so that we were catching on the move. We all remembered that our feet needed to stick like glue to the floor when we have the ball! Years 5 and 6 added pivots on one foot, while making sure our landing foot stayed stuck to the ground. We moved into small teams and, using the same rules as netball, played endball, which involved scoring in an end zone rather than a net.

Another great week. Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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