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Happy Summer and Goodbye Year 5!

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I can't quite believe that I am writing my final Year 5 website update for this year. Where has our time together gone? I have absolutely loved being your teacher for the past two years.

In our learning this last week, we had been preparing for the end of the year and enjoying our last full week together.

In our computing lesson, we learnt more about staying safe online. The children were asked to consider what click bait was and how we can identify it. We learnt about the way scammers use interesting headlines which sound too good to be true to get us to click on links. The children were able to identify some through an activity. We learnt so much about keeping ourselves safe online.

During our RE lesson, we have learnt about how the Holy Spirit was involved in Early Christianity. We looked at parables from Acts and considered how the Holy Spirit was a part of stories. The children then wrote letters to Christians from the past explaining the importance of the Holy Spirit.

On Wednesday, last week, we also took part in Sports Day. We worked alongside year 6 to take part in the events and were able to cheer each other on from our different bubbles. The children took part in many events and showed great sportsmanship. Take a look at our Sports Day website post for more and... the results!

Well our music lesson last week was jam packed! We recapped how to hold our recorders; we placed our fingers over the correct tone holes to review playing B and A. We then continued on and learnt G and E. For some of the music pieces, we needed to play a mixture of these notes. This was quite tricky! We will get there with practice. We were definitely challenged by the tempo of one of our pieces. It was quicker than we thought it was going to be! We persevered! Next, we completed our individual music assessment covering our learning throughout this academic year. Some of us could add that we played an instrument and have been one of our musicians of the week. We found we experienced many different feelings whilst learning or playing songs this year. As a class we have made steps to improve our musical knowledge and we can't wait to build on this when we move to year 6.

In Geography our focus was to discover more about the climate within a tropical rainforest. We talked about the reasons why different areas of the world have a variety of climates and talked more about our climate and the Mediterranean climate in Greece. We plotted temperature and rainfall data on a climate chart and looked at what the information showed. This did take some doing so we were really pleased to see your independence and resilience to complete this task. We then recapped where the rainforests can be found and used Google My Maps to locate them between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

We also completed our last Drugs and Alcohol lesson. The main focus was to explore what peer pressure might be and how we can demonstrate ways to be assertive. We then had an opportunity to be assertive within a role play scenario. The time spent acting in groups, showed great thought to our prior learning in relation to the risks and effects of drugs. We also explored some of our own questions in relation to drugs and alcohol and were considerate and thoughtful when thinking about our answers.

We have worked really hard on our study work books over the last week and two days to add the finishing touches to them. We hope that you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to in our learning. Everyone should be really proud of the fantastic study work that they produced.

Over the last two days we have been enjoying our time together as a class. On Monday, we wrote letters to Mrs B. We told her about ourselves and wrote down any questions that we had for Year 6. We then had the opportunity to play many different class games. As well, we finished off our art work for our study work front covers and made the final finishing touches to our work. We also played board games in teams and the children really loved this.

Yesterday morning, we played a very competitive game of Rounders. We played against Year 6 who were fantastic competitors. We had so much fun – thank you everyone. Year 5 did amazingly well and showed great sportsmanship and determination. Later on, we played a whole class quiz. We had some fantastic rounds including class trivia. We laughed a lot throughout this game. In our afternoon, we then chilled a little and had some time to spend with our friends. We had a film on the big screen, some children did drawings and colouring and others played on games on the iPad. It was such a wonderful last day together. Although it was also a little emotional. After the most fantastic two years, I journey together has come to an end and now you are moving on to the wonderful world of Year 6 with Mrs B. I know you will all have an amazing time and continue to shine brightly.

I am so so proud of the amazing achievements of everyone in Year 5. I have loved every minute of teaching you all for the past two years. When I reflect on the last two years together, I have so many fantastic memories. Some of the amazing trips like YoungVoices and others just of those lovely moments in class where we had a fantastic lesson or laughed a lot. I will cherish all of those moments.

I would like to end by saying the most sincerest thank you for all of my wonderful cards, gifts and messages. I feel truly blessed to have received them all. I hope that you all have the most wonderful Summer and are able to enjoy time with all of your families. I can't wait to see you all again for your final year at Wybunbury Delves.

Have a lovely Summer!
Miss Welch

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