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Year 5 News 14.05.21

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What another wonderful week in Year 5. We have designed our own pots and cushions. Learnt lots about the planets. Learnt two new skills in cricket and explored the resurrection story in RE.

During our Maths lessons this week, we have continued to learn about multiplying fractions. The children were so good at using bar models and fraction strips to represent their multiplications. In our lessons, we learnt to multiply fractions to make improper fractions and change these to mixed number fractions before simplifying. Next, we learnt about finding fractions of amounts. We used counters to practise grouping (dividing) numbers based on the denominator of a given fraction and multiplying by the numerator. The children were really good at this from last year. We just had to use much bigger numbers. We also played a game of fractions loop cards. At the end of the week, we moved on to learn about fractions as operators. We explored how finding the fraction of an amount was the same as multiplying fractions. The children used this to explore many different questions.

In our English lessons this week, we have planned our own imagination stage of our writing. On Monday, the children finished their innovation write with myself modelling the skills for our writing. Then on Tuesday, the children considered their own anchor question. They jotted down their initial ideas about what they could write to support and contradict their question. On Wednesday, we planned what we would write about in each paragraph. Just like we did for our innovation write. We also completed some pages of spelling in our CGP books. On Thursday and Friday, we wrote our own balanced argument. In our handwriting sessions this week, we have practised the words aggressive, accompany and attached.

In our book club sessions this week, each of the children has read aloud to a member of staff. We have loved sharing your wonderful books with you. We also had some opportunity to read our class story in book club today. We are reading a great class story, 'Who Let the Gods Out'. It is a great laugh!

In DT this week, we have designed our own Greek cushions. The children were introduced to the two stitches we would be developing from Year 4; running and cross stitch, and how to add back stitch into their work. The children were also asked to use repetitive Greek patterns and have elements of their cushion which were printed. The children created detailed sketches of their cushions with labels of the style of stitching they would be using.

In our RE lesson this week, the children were given a pile of their images that they created of the Easter story. The children were asked to reorder the story based on the drawings their peers had created. It was lovely to see them working through this as teams. We watched a video of the story of the great catch of the fish on the beach based on John 21. The children were asked to think what this told Christians about Jesus. We then moved on to look at different versions of the resurrection story. We looked at Luke, Mark and John. We considered the question 'What is the evidence for the resurrection?' The children find for and against ideas in the text to support their answers. This was great as it linked perfectly to our English this week.

We are becoming cricket experts. In our starter this week, the children played a game of tag mixed with stuck in the mud that also involved developing their fielding skills. When the children were tagged, we had to stand still and wait for a peer to throw the ball and if they caught it successfully they were able to move again. In the main part of our lesson, we learnt how to use a cut shot to bat the ball. This involved using a cutting technique and bringing the bat across your body. We also learnt how to bowl a ball to make it spin. The children were shown how to position their hands around the ball. We will continue to develop both of these skills next week.

Planets, planets, planets! Last week, we learnt key information about all the planets. This week, we became experts on one particular planet. Using the iPads, the children researched a planet and created an information poster about what they had learnt. The researched factual information; when it was discovered it, how it was created and what is interesting .about the planet they were learning about. We will use our posters to create a class book!

In our computing lesson this week, the children started off by independently logging in to our class google account and accessing their spreadsheets from last week. In our lesson last week, the children learnt how to add formulas to our spreadsheets. In our lesson this week, we have learnt how to create a graph. The children were shown how to in order to create a graph. We then explored how to format graphs in different ways. We then started to explore how we can order data on a spreadsheet.

In Geography this week, we summarised our prior learning related to the Geography of Greece and explored some of the key landmarks. With this knowledge, we used Google My Maps to locate and explore different base maps. We thought about the best location as we dropped a pin to explain the features of the coastline and the mountainous regions amongst others. At the end of the lesson we began to describe what the main differences were between living in Greece and the UK. I wonder what we might add to our maps next week?

Our HeartSmart task this week involved us thinking about what we should do if we felt like we had to hide. We looked at a few scenarios where our HeartSmart character felt the need to hide. We also came up with our own ways to help him. Relating this to our own lives, we became aware of how we could help ourselves if we ever need to. 
In music, we practised singing 'Have You Heard The Story.'

Music this week involved us focusing on us being in sync with one another. We assessed our singing after watching our recording back. We concluded that we definitely needed to raise our volume as there were a few of us who needed to singing that bit louder. After watching the second recording, we agreed it sounded so much better! 

We become Greek Pottery designers this week in Art. We started our lesson by recapping what had learnt from pottery depicting the Greek Olympics. We discussed the importance of pottery and how archaeologists used this to learn about the past. The children were then shown pottery from the four main periods of Greek history. They were asked to decide which pottery they thought came first. The children were really good at this and it led to a great discussion about why we thought the pottery was in a particular order. The children then drew an example of one piece of pottery from each period and explained its style. At the end of the lesson, the children began to create a design for their own Greek pots.

In our French lesson this week, the children learnt how to say all of the days of the week. Last lessons e had learnt how to say January to May and then we continued from there. The children were shown pictures and had to say the name of the month in French. We found it interesting to see how many words are spelt and said like the words we use in English.

This week, as a school, we have celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week. As part of worship today, we talked about what the phrase 'Mental Health' means. We decided that it means your thoughts and feelings. As a class, we talked about ways we improve our physical wellbeing and then ways we improve our mental wellbeing. This years theme for this week was Nature. We went outside and played a game of 'animal yoga'. The children were asked to strike a pose as an animal and the classed guessed what they were. This was great fun and we all had a giggle. We also completed an activity which involved working as teams to lower a bamboo stick to the floor and lift it back up again. The children realised that by communicating, talking to each other and being encouraging, the task was a lot easier to complete. Finally, we ended our session by looking at a survival toolkit. The children were told that they were stranded in a forest and had to choose 10 items to keep. The children all discussed how they would choose which items to keep and what was the importance of each. It was lovely to hear everyone's choices and reasons for this.

We have had yet another wonderful and busy week in Year 5!

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