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Year 5 News 09.07.21

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In our Maths lessons this week, we have completed our work on decimals. In our final two lessons we learnt about multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. To do this, we used place value grids and changed the value of our digits. Then we have moved on to learn about angles. The children remembered our right, obtuse and acute angle from last year and it came in very handy in lesson 1. In this lesson, we were recapping how to identify angles, how we measure in degrees and the degree around a point, on a line or a quarter turn. In our next lesson, we moved on to learn about how to measure angles. The children used protractors to measure angles by placing the 0 indicated on the protector on to the line of the angle and reading around the protractor. We completed two lessons of this. Looking at acute and obtuse angles. We also learnt about angles inside shapes.

In our English lessons this week, we have started a new short unit. On Monday, the children completed their cold write which, for this week, was a character description. The children were given a picture of a cyclops and asked to describe it. In our next lesson, we went on to learn our model text. We added actions to help us remember it. We also completed a spelling lesson with a focus on prefixes. Next, we went on to gather a word bank of phrases we would use to describe the cyclops. The children were given a post-it note and 1 minute to write as many adjectives as we could. We were attempting to use hyphens to prevent ambiguity in our writing. We shared our post-it notes with the class. The children then made a wordle of all of the phrases we had shared and wrote this in their book.

In our book club lessons, this week, we have been spending the time on our quite reading whilst Miss Welch listened to some children read. We have also spent some time reading our class story. We are loving hearing about Elliot's adventures with the Greek Gods.

In our RSE lessons this week, we have learnt about he physical and emotional changes our body goes through during puberty. We looked at both the male and female changes as a whole class. The children learnt how they can look after their bodies during this change. I am so proud of how the children engaged in these lessons. They should all be really proud of themselves. They gave lots of great answers and asked some important questions.

We have been DT experts this week. At the beginning of last week, with Mrs Pointon, the children started their sewing design onto their cushions. On Friday, we completed our designs, using running stitch, cross stitch and back stitch and went on to compete our cushions. The children learnt how to use blanket stitch. Some children practised on scrap material and then we began. We sewed up three sides to our cushion and then filled them with stuffing. We then sewed up the final side. I am so so proud of the cushions you have made. To think we have made something which involves so many different skills is amazing. Well done all of you.

We have continued to work on our studywork pages this week. Particularly our computing and Science pages. You have used our books to show the process of learning which has taken place in school. These are a fantastic display of all of the skills we have learnt.

This week, thanks to the weather, we were able to conduct our shadow experiment in Science. We set up a cricket pole outside and measured the length of shadows at hour intervals in our day. At the end of the day, we wrote up our findings, we found that the length and clarity of our shadow changes throughout the day. The shadow was longest in the morning and became shorter around midday. We recapped that what we found proved that the Earth rotates and this causes day and night.

We completed our second Drugs and Alcohol PSHE lesson this week. Our main focus was to identify the risks and effects of a selection of legal and illegal drugs. Throughout the lesson we were involved in thoughtful discussions and we developed our skills to consider the effects and risks in more detail. Drawing a line of continuum helped us to identify our views in relation to a range of statements. We were then able to justify our views and consider each other's viewpoints. Another fantastic lesson, well done Year 5.

This week in music we continued learning to play the recorder. We studied our notes sheet and practiced playing note B. We chose to play this note to — BMX Track. We definitely challenged ourselves with this one! We were out of breath after our first attempt! It is becoming apparent how important our breathing control is. We sounded a lot better and our timing was clearer to hear on the second attempt. We returned to our note sheets and practiced playing note A. We really wanted a challenge and chose to play Annie's Granny which meant playing notes B and A. Following the onscreen instructions, focusing on our breathing and our finger positions on the recorder was definitely a challenge but one will master. 

On Friday, we celebrated Party Day. We were celebrating all the parties and birthdays which had to be celebrated differently due to Covid. We came together to have a socially distanced picnic on the field. It was so nice to see so many happy faces all together in one place. We sang happy birthday and released some bubbles. In our afternoon we played party games outside. The children requested duck, duck, goose as well as playing games with balloons and a cone head version of musical chairs.

We have had another wonderful week in Year 5. You have continued to make me the proudest teacher. I can't believe how quickly the year is coming to an end and how soon you will all be in Year 6!

Miss Welch

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