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Year 4 Weekly News: 14.5.21

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Another fantastic week has flown right on by! We've achieved so much together this week, from egg experiments to learning about the wonders of whales, it's been a brilliant week!

In Book Club, we spent the week using our Steps to Read programme. Our book, The Wonders of Whales, was a fantastic non fiction read. We answered questions such as 'Why are Humpback Whales called big performers?' and involved ourselves in an interesting debate about how threatened whales are both today and in the past! We choral read together and used our comprehension skills to answer a range of questions. It was fantastic to see more book reviews and badges this week – keep it up!

In English this week, we started the imitation stage of our new T4W unit all about the Iron Man. We learnt all of the chapter within the week, using some fantastic actions along the way. We also thought about our T4W targets and completed a series of short burst writes around our targets. We created descriptive word walls and built similes in readiness for next week's write!
In Spellings, our focus was on the prefix 'ir' when added to a word beginning with the consonant 'r'. We learnt about the different words we could make, such as 'irrelevant, irregular and irresponsible'! From this, we completed activities in word changers, definitions and sentence building!

In Maths, we built upon our knowledge of decimals.! We used place value grids and part wholes to help us represent different decimals! We are now able to order decimals in terms of their ones, tenths and hundredths values! On Friday, we completed another mini arithmetic quiz, there were some amazing answers and great problem solving skills on show!
In our Computing time, we started our new project all about stop motion animation. We thought about if we'd ever seen any stop motion and watched a fantastic video about how they make Wallace and Gromit. From this, we got used to our new 'Stop Motion' app! We added multiple pictures and made some mini movies to get us started! We will build upon this new knowledge next week!

In Geography we consolidated our Nantwich knowledge through a study work page. We used a map from the 1500s and a Google Maps image to represent the difference of time. We then used our research books to write facts about our local town. They look fantastic! We also spent a lesson learning about the difference between the British Isles, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. We created fantastic posters around this knowledge and also used some computing time to build our Google My maps to map out our 3 layers of the BI, GB and the UK!
In PHSE, we continued with our ''Fake is a Mistake'' unit! We recapped our discussion on why people do lie. We then created spider diagrams about how a person might feel if they are lying. We had some grown up discussions about how a lie can give us a short term gain, but long term problems!

We covered so much this week in our brass lesson. After recapping middle C, D, E and F, we played a rhythm to 'We Are The Best' (4 beats) row by row. We discussed how difficult it is for us to play at the same time. Mr Norbury helped us with this by clicking to the beat and guiding us by finding the pulse. We learnt note G today. That's now 5 notes in total. To practise playing note G, we including this note in a rhythm along with C, D, E and F. After that, we played Hot Cross Buns. Notes E, D and C were needed for this. The baritones played first, followed by the trumpets and lastly the cornets. 'We Will Rock You' was next. We played – F, E, D, C, D, D, D and D. This was more difficult to play because it's a faster song. Our second Music For Life teacher introduce us to her other brass instrument – a trombone. We now know the mouthpiece used to play a trombone is double the size of a cornet mouthpiece. It does not have any valves, and you have to slide a part of the instrument to play the sounds. The pitch is similar to our baritones. An interesting fact we learnt was if we were to unwind a baritone and a trombone, they would be the same length! We were amazed! Next week, we will be learning to play more than one note at the same time. For this to work, we will need to play in groups.

In Science, we took part in an observational experiment throughout the week! We soaked a number of eggs in different liquids. We recapped the fact that egg shells have a similar chemical makeup to our own tooth enamel. It was fascinating to see what the different liquids could do to our teeth. We observed cracks, stains and discolouration. We will definitely all be brushing our teeth now!

In R.E, we continued to think about baptism and our bigger question of the church community. We used our brand new RE books to produce some fantastic artwork and examples about the differences between a believer's baptism and an infant's baptism. We will continue our investigations next week!

In P.E, we continued to develop our throwing and catching skills. We worked with partners to practise this! We finished our session by playing a game of dodgeball with a twist. We had to roll the ball (just link in rounders) to get our opposing team out! It was so fun!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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