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Year 3 news 30.4.21

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Year 3, you have worked so hard this week developing and securing your fractions knowledge, designing and making your own Roman game, sewing, playing rounders and badminton to name just a few things in our busy week this week!

In maths this week we started our fractions unit. Back in September we learnt the Y2 fractions unit we had missed during lockdown. We worked out 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 of shapes and patterns and discussed the different ways we could work this out.Year 4 the came in to share their fractions knowledge and remind us how we can read and show fractions. Thank you for being great teachers Year 4! We then built upon our learning of recognising fractions in different ways to focus more on recognising a whole represented in lots of different ways. We used number lines, ten frames, bar models and part whole models and we first developed our understanding of the whole and then parts of a whole. We recapped the maths words 'numerator' and 'denominator' and then learnt how to add fractions together using lots of visual representations to help us. We split lots of classroom items into fractions, including the board, white boards and even your tables which you drew on to show different ways of making fractions (don't tell Mrs Chesters!) By the end of the week, Molly said to me 'I really like fractions now and I didn't a while ago' and lots of you agreed with her. Well done for not giving up when it seemed a bit tough and learning lots throughout the week!

In our design and technology lessons this week, we learnt that noughts and crosses was a game that was played all the way back in Roman times but it was called Three Stones and was often played at the Roman baths as entertainment. We were keen to make our own versions so designed our own noughts and crosses board on paper first, listing what we needed to make our design come to life. We then built upon our learning from last term and practised running stitch to make the lines for the game. Some of you went one step further and made the line stronger by using a back stitch too. I'm looking forward to next week's lesson already!

In PSHE we looked at stereotypes. We drew portraits of people based on information we were given, such as age, favourite TV programme, favourite singer and hobbies. We discussed why we had chosen to draw our person the way we did then we looked at a picture of the actual person described. Did our portraits match? If not, why not? We talked about the assumptions made e.g. does a dancer have to be a girl etc?

We enjoyed so much PE this week. We used the rounders bats to get the feel for trying to hit a ball with a rounded edge bat and looked at some of the basic rules of the game. You played badminton and worked on your skills with Mrs Jenkins and we ended the week with another rounders game, practising throwing and catching skills.

In RE we researched why Good Friday is called Good Friday ? You had a very good recall of the Easter story. You began to make a little book all about this story which we will finish next week.

In music we looked at Chinese folk music and looked at some music on a stave for the first time.

In art this week, we continued with our focus of Roman mosaics. To begin our lesson, we recapped our knowledge of mosaics and we even found information about them in one of our Big Cat reading books! To practise creating a Roman mosaic, we used our sketch book ideas from last week to design our own Wybunbury Delves badge and colours. Cutting small pieces of paper and creating our mosaics proved really tricky! It made us think about how hard it must have been in Roman times!

I hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend.
Miss McCurrie

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