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Year 2 News 30.04.2021

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This week in Year 2 we have been doing lots of things.

On Monday, we rolled up our sleeves as we had to wash some teddy bears. How they got dirty I don't know! It was a good job you were there. We washed, scrubbed and dried our teddies. Now they look as good as new. Thank you, Year 2. Before the lesson, I happened to stumble across a story called 'How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth', so we read this too. It was great fun and made us giggle. It turns out that our new Talk4Writing unit is going to be based around this book too! Yay! For the rest of the week, we have explored how the instructions in 'How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth' are set out, and we have also been learning about possessive apostrophes too.

In maths this week, we finished our unit on length and height. We are confident measurers now, and we have a good understanding of cm and m. Well done everyone. On Thursday, we started our next topic . . . fractions. To begin with, we have learnt about wholes and parts. I wonder where our learning will take us next.

In our afternoons, we have done a mixture of wonderful things. On Monday, we began our new R.E unit which is all about the Holy Spirit. We began the unit by looking at symbols, and we then used this knowledge to create our own family crest. The next part of the afternoon focused on Geography. We thought about where we live and thought about whether we live in the town or the countryside. We looked at the many similarities and differences between the two and created a Venn diagram of our findings.

On Tuesday, our focus was Science. We began our lesson by thinking about the things that make us alive. We identified that breathing, moving and eating were important. We learnt that these are living processes and that there are seven in total. We also learnt that something must do all seven to be classified as alive. After that, we talked about the difference between 'dead' and 'never alive'. Finally, we took our learning outside and went hunting to see if we could find things that were living, dead or never living. You did a great job and came up with very accurate ideas. Well done.

On Wednesday, Science was our focus again, but this time there was also some History thrown in there too. To begin our afternoon, we recapped the things we need to eat to stay healthy. We remembered that it is important to eat a varied diet. Once this was done, we began to think about how Stone Age people might have tried to eat healthy too. We learnt about the different things they ate and how some creatures were competitors. Finally, we combined all our knowledge to create an 'Eat Well Plate' using only items you would find in the Stone Age.

On Thursday, you had your next Music lesson with Miss Holland. In music this week, you learnt that the pitch of a song means how high or low the music is. You then watched a video on how to play chord G on the ukulele. It was really tricky! You had to use three fingers to play this chord! We will try again next week. Perseverance is the key! You also had P.E with Mrs Jenkins. Check out Mrs Jenkin's PE post for more information.

We finished the week by finishing off some work; we have been so busy this week that we haven't quite been able to finish everything. Once we'd done this, we then moved onto coding. We used the Bee-Bot app to help us put our algorithm skills into practice. We were successfully able program the Bee-Bot to move to where we wanted it too.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

See you on Tuesday,

Miss Pennance

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