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Well what a very busy and fun week in year 1!
In English this week you have been focusing on innovating and writing your traditional tale. You are all getting very good at understanding where to put full stops in a piece of writing and what they are used for. This has been our main focus for this piece of writing. Your stories sound very imaginative and unique to each other. It has been a pleasure to read through them this week and to listen to all of your exciting ideas. I cannot wait for you to finish them this week so that you can read your final pieces to your peers.
In maths this week we focused on addition within 20. You have used your power maths books this week to help answer lots of challenging questions on addition. Your resilience and confidence is amazing when it comes to these challenging questions and it is lovely to see how willing you are to give them a try. You were also representing and applying addition in many different ways e.g. tens frame, number line and ten rods which you used to help you answer your questions. We have also been using a mix of practical and mental starters to help with our fluency. Our favourite game this week was when half of the class had an addition sum and the other half had an answer. You then had a minute to partner up with the answer your addition sum. I couldn't believe how fast you were! Mrs VR and I are so proud of the progress that you are making- keep it up superstars!
In R.E this week we continued to look at the parable of the mustard seed. We recapped our understanding of this parable and what we think God's kingdom is. We discussed our own making of our kingdom from last week and spoke about the values that we would have. We then hot-seated each other so the class could ask questions about everyone's kingdom. Our best questions were 'Why is your kingdom important to you?' 'What is the best thing about your kingdom' and 'What would you change about your kingdom?' You all gave very good answers about having a kingdom that recycles and doesn't litter. A kingdom that looks after animals and a kingdom where everyone loves each other and no one fights or argues.
In Geography this week with Mrs Swan you looked at the weather and recorded our 'weather for today' on the Ipad. You then went back into the classroom and looked at what we might expect to change in the different seasons. You looked at the different colours that represent each season, what people wear and what people may do in each season.
In music, we are very lucky to have Mrs Swan for the next six weeks to deliver a 'Betty bear goes to the zoo' workshop. You were singing all different zoo songs, focusing on the different animals that Betty may see and what these animals would do. We all had lots of fun dancing and singing together. It's safe to say I haven't got 'We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you' out of my head all week and it's now become our favourite song!
In science this week we revisited the human body parts that we learnt last week. We played a game where we had to guess the body part and its function. You were all very good. We moved onto focusing on our senses. Can you tell your families the five senses and where they are? We discussed what we may smell, hear, touch, taste and see at a zoo and you wrote these down in your science books.
In art this week you looked at your new artist 'Kandinsky' we learnt that he was an abstract artist from Moscow which is in Russia. We were very surprised to know that he was a teacher before he was an artist. You created a fact file on him and drew your favourite piece of art.
In computing this week with Mrs Holland you continued on with your coding. A huge thank you to all of our year 6 helpers who became the experts of the afternoon and showed year 1 all of your expertise.
On Friday it was our zoo theme day. We had so much fun baking and learning about the zoo. If you missed the newsletter for it this is the link: https://www.wybunburydelves.co.uk/news-events/year-1-zoo-theme-day.html?fbclid=IwAR3y9E8h4xaPG0NlWqgWmLpfV5G5CtDwtgEmQ4Qzrq57SJs1irI7Ons-gwk
Your homework has been set on school jam yesterday. This is a practical activity involving addition.
A huge thank you to all of our staff in year 1 that have been so helpful and amazing in such a busy and fun week. We couldn't do it without you!
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend superstars.
See you tomorrow,
Miss Haynes

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