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Year 1 weekly news- 25.06.21

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Another week has gone by, this year has definitely gone far too fast. This week you have been writing your own story, learning about the history of seasides and discovering the human body.

In English, you finished writing your innovation of the 'lighthouse keeper's breakfast'. I have loved reading your stories and watching you add so much detail in your writing. You really wanted to put these stories in your study work book so we spent Thursday and Friday writing out stories up. We focused on making our writing super neat and thinking about the positioning of each letter on the line. I am so proud of how hard you are working with your writing.

In phonics, you have been working super hard on reading multi-syllabic words to challenge yourselves further with your reading. Focusing on reading these words with fluency, will help us to read more quickly.

Did you know that we are fraction superstars now in Y1? You have made me so proud this week with your dedication and resilience to your maths learning whilst you have been introduced to fractions. We realised this topic wouldn't be easy but you are now so confident at dividing shapes and objects into quarters and halves. You are becoming faster at recalling halves of different amounts as well! To build upon this learning, next week we are going to focus on finding quarters of different amounts. Alongside our learning of fractions, I have introduced you to time. You now know that when the big hand is on 12 it is o'clock and when the big hand is on 6 it is half past. You were able to read the time and change a clock to the time I said. This pre learning of time will help us when we move onto this topic after fractions.

We have been just as busy in our afternoon learning too...

We started our week with science and you were introduced to the human body. You had a pre task of drawing around your friend and you had to label their body parts. This helped me to see what you already knew about the human body. We then looked at the human body and each part in more detail. You learnt what the heart, lungs and brain does and you also found out these were called organs.

We went back in time to the victorians in history this week and looked at what seaside holidays were like in this era. We were so excited to see how seaside holidays had changed. You were shocked that people went by a steam train and that they didn't like people to see their skin so they used bathing machines instead.

In geography, you were introduced to maps and compass points. We came up with our own mnemonic to help us remember the compass points. One favourite one was 'nan's eat silly whales'. We created our own map of the classroom and then we had to hide a lighthouse around the classroom and you had to mark where it was on your maps. You then told me what direction the lighthouse was in.

In computing, you planned your own fairy tale story so that you could perform it on our new app puppet pals. You thought so carefully about the characters, backdrops, the problem and resolution. I can't wait to see what they will be like when you perform them.

n music this week, we listen to and appraised a lovely piece of music called 'Bird' by Sergei Prokoflev. We identified the main instrument as being a flute, and spoke of how the music is played in a way that tells us the bird may need saving. This wasn't our favourite appraisal song, but we know it is important to appreciate different types of music – even if they are not our favourites. Next we were up on our feet, moving to the beat with our onscreen animals. Our lesson ended with us comparing high and low sounds. Some were quite fast and some were very low -this is called the pitch.  

The weeks are going so fast now but we are making the most of every moment. I am so proud of how hard you are all working. You are all so dedicated to your learning and you have all achieved so much this year.

Have a lovely weekend superstars,

Miss Haynes

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