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It's the most wonderful time of the year! The countdown is on and we have had an action-packed week.
In English, we started planning our very own non-fiction book on hot air balloons. We discussed our plans with our friends and talked about the order of the book and what facts we would tell our readers. We decided on the most important facts we know about hot air balloons and then created a contents page. Once we had planned our nonfiction book we started to create our books. We focused on a page each day and challenged ourselves to write more than one sentence. Once we had finished our writing we re-read it to our friends and they checked to make sure that our sentences were super sentences. As we know Miss Haynes loves a super sentence! I can't wait to finish our books off this week so that we can share them with year two and teach them everything we know about hot air balloons and the Montgolfier brother.
In phonics this week we have been working super hard in our groups. I cannot believe how much progress you have all made this term and how many times I've had to give you a new colour book. I love reading all of your wonderful comments in the children's diaries and how pleased you all are with their confidence and fluency. Each week we are reading our classroom books three times. We are also working really hard on trying to use comprehension skills in phonics now so that we can check that we have understood what the book is about. I love listening to all of your ideas.
In maths this week we have been continuing on with becoming shape masters! We have been naming both 3D and 2D shapes and we have looked at how all of the shapes are different from each other. You were all able to look at different ways to represent a shape and look for the odd one out. We have also discussed what 3D and 2D means. Then towards the end of the week, we used our knowledge of 2D shapes to recognise the different 2D faces we find on 3D shapes. We learned that a cube has 6 square faces and a cone has 1 circular face. We counted all of the faces on each shape and then realised that some of the shapes like a square-based pyramid has different shaped faces just to trick us even more.
In RE this week we looked at the good news in each part of the Christmas story and what this news told us about Jesus. We then went and wrote sentences about what we have learned about Jesus from the Christmas story. These sentences were so wonderful and beautifully written we had to share them with Mrs Taylor who was also very proud of you all. You have remembered so much and have really enjoyed learning about the importance of Jesus and the Christmas story to Christians.
In your final History lesson this week you looked at the importance of Crewe railway and Crewe works. You learnt lots of facts from Mrs Holland and found out the impact this had on inventing transport. You found out that Crewe railway was built to link all of the big cities together. You also found out that over 7000 trains were built in Crewe works and people came from all over the country to work there (even Miss Haynes' family). You were very shocked to learn about the conditions of the workshops and how unsafe and dirty they were but many of you said that you would love to make trains just like these people.
D&T has definitely taken over our week! We have all been very busy creating our very own buses. We have painted them. We have drawn our bus driver and passengers. We then stuck these onto our buses. Next week we are going to create our wheels and axles so that we can put them on our buses to make them move. It's been a very creative week but it was great to see your concentration and excitement of making your own bus. I just want to say a big thank you to all of your families for bringing in a box. It was such a great help!
In PE this week you did a relay race and Miss Haynes could hear your chanting from all around the school. I know you all love a team competition but I also love how you all support each other and how happy you are of those that win. Both Mrs Jenkins and I are very proud of your great teamwork skills this week!
We are in full force of practicing for our nativity. We've been singing our songs every day and we have practiced in the hall altogether. I am so excited to be sharing our nativity with you all next week and I hope you all love it as much as we do. The children are working super hard and I know it's going to be a spectacular performance. We also had the honour of watching pre-schools and receptions nativity this week which was brilliant and you all sat so beautifully as you listened to that very noisy nativity!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Well done for always being superstars and shining each day. Mrs VR and I are always so proud of you.
See you on Monday,
Miss Haynes

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