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It was lovely to see some of our children and their families at St. Chad's this morning. ...

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Welcome back to school Year 3s! I thoroughly enjoyed our two days together getting to know you all...


What a fantastic first couple of days we have had in Year 4. It was so lovely to welcome you all...

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It has been a fantastic two days welcoming you back to school as our new Y1s. We have spent the...

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Year 1 go to Chester zoo!

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Well the day we have all been waiting for ....we finally went to the zoo! What an amazing day we all had as well. I am so proud of how well behaved you all were. You have all made such wonderful memories on your first trip in year 1.
We set off on the coach and we sang all of our Betty bear songs on the way. We're going to the zoo...zoo...zoo how about you...you..you. Once we got to the zoo we started with the monkeys, rhinos, meerkats, tapirs, porcupines and lots of exotic birds. We spent lots of time observing the monkey's behaviours and thinking how they are like us. We laughed lots when they were chasing each other and falling off their branches. We saw baby meerkats whose mum was protecting them from any danger. We also saw the meerkats standing on a tall log looking around for any predators.
On our way to the other part of the zoo we got very excited when we saw the oakfield house where George Mottershead once lived. I was amazed at all the facts you could remember and how confident you were telling the adults these facts. At lunch time once the weather dried up we sat outside talking to our friends and thinking about our favourite animals we had seen so far. We also had some visitors who wanted to steal our yummy food.
In the afternoon, we were very busy with our workshops and showing off everything we knew about the animals and their habitats. We went to the tropical realm, ape house, spirit of the jaguar and giraffe enclosure. You got to see lots of skulls of the animals that we were looking at. We talked about their different habitats which you all said were the 'amazon rainforest', 'savannah', 'desert' and 'caves'. I was amazed about how much you could remember and how you were explaining whether the animals were mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish. You explained that if they eat meat than they are carnivores and if they eat grass they are herbivores. It was amazing to get so close to all of these animals. We had a very cheeky and confident orangutan called Emma who I think wanted to become a member of year 1. We also got very close to the tallest giraffe at Chester zoo and their 6 month old baby. We learnt that okapi's come from the same family as giraffes but live in the amazon rainforest. The staff at Chester zoo commented on your amazing behaviour and manners, it made me so proud.
Finally before we could leave we had to go and see the baby elephant that is only 6 days old. We couldn't believe how small it was and how it would not leave her mother's side.
Honestly year 1, I have had the best day and I hope you have too. It was an absolute pleasure to take you to Chester zoo. Your behaviour was impeccable and you did Wybunbury Delves proud. Your enthusiasm for animals and learning just shone through the whole day. Well done for always being superstars.
Thank you to all of the adults who volunteered to come on the trip. We really couldn't have done it without you all!
We will upload the video of all our pictures tomorrow and I will post the link.
I am sure you will all sleep well tonight. Rest up and see you tomorrow!
Miss Haynes

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