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It has been a week of two halves for us in Y6. This first part of our week was with me and the second part of our week has been with Mrs Whittingham, Mrs Poynton and Mrs Jenkins. You have worked hard with us all and I know you have enjoyed your transition activities too. All transition zoom calls, activities and visits are now complete although we will spend some time in Y6 continuing to enjoy other transition tasks.

One of our transition activities this week allowed us to explore what a Drama lesson might be like in our future Secondary Schools. We were then lucky enough to take part in one with Miss Dunning from Brine Leas. We had great fun creating various still images to depict different characters and scenes. We collaborated as a team to create a series of images to depict a day out at a fair. We performed the scenes to each other and evaluated our skills. By the end of the lesson we felt confident to create a freeze frame, use facial expressions effectively and make smooth transitions from one scene to another. Well done Year 6.

It was great to have the opportunity to look at how information is displayed on our future Secondary School's website. We made comparisons to our Wybunbury Delves website and reminisced when we saw images of ourselves in previous years. Finding out more about timetables, uniform and food menus proved very useful.

In maths this week we have calculated angles in triangles by knowing different stem sentences. We are just beginning to look at the importance of parallel lines and what this means to the size of an angle. We will continue with this next week.

In English we prepared and completed a shared write. We used a ping pong method to write each paragraph and used images as our stimuli. We have peer marked our pieces and we will finish this unit next week with our hot write. I can't wait to read them all as I know how hard you have been working.

During book club this week we have continued with our Holocaust learning using The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. We have also listened to our class story, read quietly and completed a reading assessment if we needed to.

We have been working hard on our studywork books this week. We have published our lockdown poems onto Covid 19 templates and we have prepared some of our other pages too. We will continue to work on our special books next week.

In our Sportscape lesson this week we learnt the skills to be a lacrosse player. This is definitely harder than it looks. We ended our lesson playing a short game. We also spent some time this week with Mrs Whittingham playing rounders.

In history this week we spent some time revisiting our lesson from last week by looking back at the Arboretum map. We were then given a photo of a Maurice Blik sculpture of an evacuation scene. Using our knowledge, we labelled it carefully. We then came up with some simple ideas of our own for sculptures we could create. Using modelling clay, we brought them to life.

In science this week we returned to our learning of illegal and legal drugs. After last week's superb discussion, we moved our learning onto VSA Volatile Substance Abuse. We discussed what we thought they were and found out that they are aerosols, gases and glues. We wrote down what we thought the risks and effects of VSA's were and then used a fact sheet to check our answers. We highlighted the ones we had answered correctly and added the ones we had missed. We moved on to what to do in an emergency and how to contact the emergency services. We used a script to role play contacting the emergency services and provided the information they require on a call. We finished off by writing a sentence reviewing what we had learned in the lesson.

This week in our music lesson, we began to layer up our study work page. To showcase our wartime song lyrics, this page includes a booklet, along with a QR code of our performance on our theme day. Next week we will look at adding extra parts to our page.
Our chosen leavers song is Count On Me. The lyrics needed some actions, so in pairs, we listened to the lyrics and trialled some actions we thought best suited our performance. Miss Holland recorded us and we watched ourselves back. On reflection, we could definitely add more actions, and we felt the track volume needed to be lowered so we could hear our voices better. We really like this song and know it will be one for us to remember!

We are thinking about our leavers service at the moment and how we can add a sea shanty to our performance. We used the words from the leavers service and tried to write verses to the Wellerman sea shanty tune. Our efforts so far are fantastic, and we will continue with this masterpiece next week.

A super week Y6. You have worked hard and I am proud of you even if it has been from a distance. I just want to say thank you for all your kind words and messages, I really appreciate them. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Your teacher,
Mrs. B.

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