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Y6 Weekly News - 16.7.21

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Wow this week has flown by and now means there are only two days left for Y6 and what a great two days they will be. We have had a week of memory making from Sports Day to recording our Leavers Service.

We have spent our week completing our study work books. They now stand proud in our classroom and are ready to bring home to share.

We have prepared our Y6 Classtonbury photo booth and can't wait to use it on Monday. Thank you so much for all the items you have donated. All will be used and will make our day even more memorable. My invitation to the festival has been given out today and will make a great memento. No need for a packed lunch for Monday as our takeaway food and ice cream van visit will be here for us to enjoy.

We have recorded our words for our Leavers Service (all 57 pieces) and today we smashed recording our songs too. A tear came to my eye and that was just watching one song back! Get ready for the virtual performance, it is definitely one to keep. I will email out the link on Tuesday.

We have enjoyed our Sports Day this week. Unfortunately, we were unable to share the events with you this year and we missed you. Everyone had a brilliant time and we ended our event with a class photo.

Leavers books have been given out this week and how lovely they are. We spent some time enjoying flicking through the pages and then signing each other's books. What a wonderful treasure to keep.

Today we have all been invited to share a prayer along with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Lawlor. We went to the prayer shed in small groups to hang our prayers and take a moment to reflect.

We have enjoyed plenty of time inside and outside the classroom taking part in fun games. We have played all sorts and even played an escape room challenge.

I have taken many photos this week and I hope you enjoy looking through them all.
I will email festival details out over the weekend. Festival clothing is the main thing to consider as I have all the activities in place.

One last bit of information is to say that I have sent out reports today and I hope you enjoy sharing them as a family.

Have a fabulous weekend.
Your teacher,
Mrs B.

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