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Y6 News of the Week 30.4.21

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Another super week of hard work has taken place in Y6. From designing our poppies in DT, to understanding the Operation Pied Piper Project in Geography, we have been extremely busy in many subjects.

We continued with our Algebra unit in Maths this week. Understanding how variables change and which constants remain the same has taken our full focus and we are now getting there. We have used algebraic equations to work out the values of letters and thought about keeping the equations balanced. We will continue with this area next week. We finished our week off by challenging ourselves to complete a past arithmetic SATs paper and we SMASHED IT!! I am so proud of you all and the determination you show.

Don't forget we are supporting the NSPCC charity with their Number Day on Friday 7th May. Come dressed as your TT Rock Star avatar or with a number on your clothing. I will be coming dressed up too!!

In English this week we have revisited our model text and focused on different areas within it. We have created a persuasive toolkit and boxed up our ideas into a plan. We have thought about speech and ensured we can punctuate it correctly. We have also used different stimuli to complete short burst writes using our persuasive tools. We will now move on to our shared piece of writing next week. I can't wait to see how you use my model in your own writing. A little time was also given to publish our diary writing in our best handwriting this week. They are now ready to be placed into our study work books.

During Book Club this week we have used a non-fiction book on WW2 to investigate the different ways the author has presented facts. We have used different features to learn about the Resistance and weapons used during WW2. Our anchor questions have been discussed and answered in full along with new vocabulary. We will complete a read with an adult next week.

We continued with our DT project this week by designing our own poppy with the stitching we have chosen. We considered back, running, seed, cross and French knot and thought about how we are going to challenge ourselves. Next week we will create our template, cut our fabric, and practise our stitching using Binka.

We also continued our Geography unit this week as we completed Operation Pied Piper. We used our atlas skills to locate the cities and counties that were used during WW2 by evacuees. We then chose two counties or cities to compare – one from the evacuation list and the other from the evacuation to list. We came up with a list of our own questions and researched using our iPads. We will move on to a new area of learning next week.

In our History lesson this week we considered the question – How did the population of Britain survive during WW2? We began by considering the events of a 1938 to 1954 timeline with a partner. We looked carefully at the events and decided if they changed the lives of the British public. Did Hitler coming to power change the lives of the British public? This was a point discussed greatly. I always enjoy listening to your views Y6. We will look closely at rationing next week which we decided did change the lives of the British!

Our Code Cracking Computing project continued this week. We used our iPads and iMovie to practise recording, editing, and tweaking our films. We also learnt how to import pictures and use them as our background. We will continue with our project next week as we consider our props.

We completed our RE unit on Salvation this week. We thought about different Bible stories and chose one to use in our assessment. Using a stain glass template, we created beautiful pictures of Salvation. They look lovely Y6.

Conversation French continued this week as we asked each other about the date. We worked together to use our numbers, days of the week and months of the year knowledge to talk to each other in French. Tres Bien Y6.

Lots of discussion took place in Miss Holland's music lesson this week. The main focus was to listen to the lyrics of four songs that were read aloud and really think about why these songs were written. Points to consider were: Why the musician wrote each song? How would each song have helped the country during the war and is there a particular meaning or message to each song? Some brilliant ideas were shared. Well done year 6!

Our PE this week has been one of two halves. One with Mrs Jenkins and one session with me. In my half, we worked hard on our tennis skills continuing to think about our position and our grip of the racket. We rallied, giggled, rallied, and giggled! Well done Y6. You always make me smile.

We have taken time out of class this week to enjoy our daily mile and wellbeing sessions too. Firstly, we were challenged to draw a fruit bowl, a dog, our house and ourselves with our eyes shut! It was quite tricky to do, but there were some amazing drawings! Later in the week we used music to consider our feelings and doodled as we listened. Thinking about clearing our minds, we realised, will take practise.

A fabulous week has taken place and I am super proud of you all. We have achieved such a lot. Thank you for sharing your child's success with me in our recent parent evenings. It was lovely to talk to you all as we only see one another from a distance.

I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday.

Your teacher,
Mrs. B.

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