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This week we've been speech writers, fairytale twisters and Rudolph runners...

In Book Club this week we started our brand new reading journeys! We all brought in our reading folders, response books, new reading books and of course of reading diaries. Throughout the week, the children read aloud with an adult and responded to comprehension questions in our blue response books at home! It was great to listen to children reading aloud and be able to speak to them about their books! Keep it up guys!

This week in Maths we continued our investigations into multiplication and division. We once again used arrays, repeated addition, drawings and spoke in full maths sentences to help us conquer our x8 tables! We also quickly found out through our Power Maths learning that the x2, x4 and x8 tables all share a special relationship. Double, double, double!! We will carry on our times table skills into next week, where we will be answering problem and reasoning questions!

In SPaG this week we continued to master speech! We changed more text messages into speech and remembered the golden rules too! We became the teacher and we can't wait to use speech in our stories next week...

Speaking of stories, that's what this week's English has been all about. We read the Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo and quickly realised that it was VERY similar to Cinderella. Rose slippers, a pharaoh prince and even a fairy godmother bird! This got our creative juices flowing as we set to work to twist another famous fairytale, 'The Three Little Pigs'. We changed our pigs to pharaoh, forest to the desert and our Big Bad Wolf is now either a camel, hippo, tomb raider or even a snake! We came up with a different storyline that includes pyramids made from sand, mud-brick and of course limestone. We can't wait to write them next week!

In Computing this week, we added the final details to our websites. Hyperlinks, images and text were all added. We also tested our website using the 'preview' tool. We made sure our links were working and can't wait to make our Study Work page around it!

In Art this week, we continued to look at our artist, Monet! We learnt more about his fascinating life and the impressionist style he was so famous for! We created spider diagrams and used oil pastels to create our own landscapes during different times of the day. We made sure to think about shadow and colour changes in both pictures...

During Science this week, we recapped the fossilisation process and reordered it in our topic books! We then listened to a very interesting audio clip from a lady named Mary Anning'. We quickly found out that Mary was a 'palaeontologist' and a very important women in the fossil finding mission! She found an ichthyosaur head and learning about her life helped us to understand as to why fossils are so important!
In R.E we thought about the advent calendars we have at home. Lego, toys and of course CHOCOLATE advent calendars were all discussed. We then learnt that the advent wreath plays an important part in a Christian's countdown to Christmas. We looked at the different candle meanings and played a game where we only had 15 seconds a time to look at a picture and then copy it back in the classroom! Well done, everyone!

In French we played the 'How are you?' game! We used a dice to pick different responses to the question 'Comment ca va'. It was great to hear the children using a range of responses in a very fluent French accent. Tres bien, Y3!

Throughout the week we also spent time doing Mindful Monday, whereby we sketched a happy memory from Christmas. We practised or Nativity and managed to sing our songs beautifully too. We also took part in the Rudolph Run on Friday and along with Y2 and Y3 we headed outside and ran in our antlers and noses! What great fun!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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