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Well, year 1 superstars haven't you worked hard this week. We have been authors, musicians...


'Once there was a pencil, a lonely little pencil and nothing else.Then one day it moved, it...


This week we've been hammock makers, story writers and super sound investigators...In our...

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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we have been green screen gurus, super statisticians and atlas experts...

In Book Club this week we continued to change books, read aloud and answer questions. We also spent time completing prefix and contraction hunters — you can check them out in the children's blue books.

In Maths this week we focused upon statistics. Pictograms, bar charts and tables — you name it, we've done it! We worked hard to read different graphs and tables and answer a series of questions around them. We ended the week by creating our own pictograms and bar graphs to show the results from the question, 'Which is Y3's favourite dragon?'

In English this week we started our new T4W unit on newspapers. On Monday we looked at real newspapers, stories and headlines. We discussed the key features and this helped us highlight them on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was then time on Thursday to write our 'Have a go!' It was great to see everybody writing their newspapers and we can't wait to start next week!
During SPaG this week our focus was on prefixes, specifically auto, super and anti. We completed coordinate code sheets, quiz questions and played games throughout the week to consolidate our knowledge.

In Computing this week we completed another e-safety lesson. It was all about what we use the internet for. We discussed this and then moved on to think about how we use shopping online. We explored websites and thought about how websites persuade us to buy things. We explored the websites of both crayola and lego. We quickly realised that these websites use lots of things to sell their products including games, quizzes and downloadables!
We then started to explore our new project of greenscreens. We used an A4 green piece of paper as our mini screen and practised using the app DoInk — check it out! We will continue our project next week.

In Geography we focused upon our new topic, Europe and the UK! We explored the region of Scandinavia! We practised using the atlas and the atlas index to find countries and areas quickly! We then drew the flags and located the capitals of each of the 5 countries — can you remember them all!?

In Science this week we started our new topic on plants. We explored what the main parts of the plants were. We created plant leaflets and discussed the main jobs of the flower, stem, leaves and roots — can you remember them all? We then moved on to thinking about what a plant needs to survive. We drew pictures through playing a memory game! Next week we will be starting our practical investigations and experiments!

In R.E this week we started our new unit all around the creation story! We looked at our bible timeline and located 'creation' and 'fall' on it, we were also able to locate Kingdom of God — our last unit! We watched the story of Adam and Eve and thought about the main characters and more importantly the hidden message behind the story. We will continue our investigations next week!

During Mindful Monday this week we started our new 'Mindfulness Planner'. We decided to share our best jokes and had an amazing time laughing away together — it was great fun!

Throughout the week we continued to improve our speed and complete as many laps as we could!

In French our focus was on clothing as we continued our 'all about me' unit! We recapped our previous learning including colours, greetings and conversational phrases. We then learnt about different clothes and had a go at pronouncing them correctly! Une jupe, une robe, un pantalon, des chaussures, un slip and un short and tee-shirt were all practised! Tres bien!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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