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This week we've been Interfaith explorers, super skeleton spotters and magnificent money counters...

In Book Club this week lots of us had the chance to change books and receive new questions! It's been great to hear so many confident readers throughout the week and I've been really impressed with children's response to questions! Keep it up, Y3!

In English this week we became story writers! During the final stage of our Talk4Writing journey we entered the 'Imagination Stage'. We thought about our toolkits and planned our very own writes! It was amazing to see children sticking to their targets and writing stories that had clear beginning, middles and ends! Whilst also using expanded noun phrases to build a picture in the reader's head! Well done!

In Maths this week, we started a new topic all about money. We started by thinking about the different coins and notes from Y2! We counted coins and thought about efficient methods to do so! We grouped coins that added to £1 and managed to add a range of coins and notes together! We then moved on to adding and subtracting money! We were able to convert amounts such as £3.67 to 367p – this allowed us to easily use the column method to work out word problems!

In Computing we focused upon another coding session. We are now on lesson 12 and Monday's lesson saw us recap previous learning. We completed loops, algorithms and debugged broken code using Minecraft as a basis to do so! Well done, coders!

Throughout the week we've participated in Inter-Faith week. Our focus was around the Vikings, of course! We used the country of Denmark as to explore their faith and history behind it. We found out that Vikings originally believed in lots of different Gods (similar to the Ancient Egyptians). We then discovered that it was actually the Anglo-Saxons who converted the Vikings into Christians! We completed Viking God profiles and answered questions throughout the week. It was interesting to see how faith can be shared! On Friday we shared our discoveries with the rest of the school during worship.
On Monday we had an added treat organised by Mrs Taylor involving VR headsets! We were transported to Aboriginal Australia! It was amazing to be immersed into another culture! Thanks, Mrs T!

In Science we focused upon skeletons and types of bones. Endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydroskeletons were all explored! Can you remember what they were? We thought about the different types of animals that have different skeleton types. On Thursday we thought about the different bones in our body. We then learnt the scientific words for our bones including cranium, pelvis, humerus and phalanges!

In History this week, we completed our timeline study work pages! We added key dates and pictures. We are now all able to retell the timeline with key details and dates!

In French our focus was on colours. We practised our pronunciation and played games to reinforce our knowledge! Tres bien!

During our time with Miss Holland this week we practised our Y3/4 spellings and handwriting. We then continued our song – again thinking about the tone, beats and rhythm of our Viking Rock song!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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