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Welcome back year 1!

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Welcome back to summer term year one. Our summer term looks a lot different to what we are used to as you continue your work at home. However, I left my last newsletter with the quote 'After every storm, comes a rainbow.' Well year one I have found my rainbow already and it is all of YOU. You are my shining rainbow- as you brighten each day up with your beautiful messages, photos and videos. It's been lovely to keep communicating with you through our seesaw app and I have loved all of the activities that you are completing at home and on your daily exercises. They make my heart beam and smile so, thank you!
In our home learning this week, you have done lots and lots of measuring hunts in maths. We started the week off by learning the language of measuring and how to compare. You used the words 'taller, shorter and longer' to compare different objects in your house. You ordered different objects that you had found in your houses and gardens from shortest to tallest and vice versa. We then had a competition to see who could find the longest and tallest objects. You were all amazing at this and I had so many crazy photos come through of you finding all sorts of different objects. However, I think our tallest was a barn and our longest was a hose pipe. Well done everyone you were brilliant at this hunt! You then went onto learning about non-standard units of measurement and you used 2 pieces of paper to go on another hunt to find objects that are taller, shorter and longer than these 2 pieces of paper. Finally, we finished our marvellous measuring by learning about standard units of measurement and how to use a ruler. You were all very good at understanding how to measure objects with a ruler by starting at 0 and then using 'cm' after a number. Well done all of you on your maths this week and thank you for all of the work you have shared.
In English this week, you watched an online story video of the 'Ugly sharkling' and you then went onto learning about character description. You learnt how to describe a character's appearance and personality. Your adjectives were spectacular and you really did some careful thinking about the character you were describing. This helped you to then create your own underwater character for the story. You all had amazing ideas and you all blew my socks off with them. We had:
- The mermaid who lost its fin.
- The squid who lost its ink.
- The big colourful fish who lost her mouth.
- The crab who had no claws.
- The swordfish who lost its sight.
I was amazed! You then finished the week with some SPaG. You learnt about how to add 'er' and 'est' to adjectives to make them sound better and so we can use them to compare. I loved seeing your sentences and how you joined your maths learning of measuring to this activity. Well done superstars!
In phonics this week, you have been continuing to listen to Rosie on YouTube who is now helping you to learn your phonics. I have loved seeing all of your wonderful videos and spellings. This learning is so important as it is going to help you so much and I can already see the improvement in your spelling this week. You have also been showing me lots of your reading, which is great! Keep up the hard work team.
With all of this, you have also been doing some fantastic afternoon project work (lots of feely bags and using your senses) and exercising. I love being a part of all of your learning at home, it is a real treat. Mrs Van Russelt and I are really enjoying all of the effort you are putting into your learning and we are enjoying leaving you all a comment or voice note. Over the next couple of weeks, we are trying to ring all of our families to check in on all of you and to show our support. I managed to speak to many of you this week which was fantastic. It was great to hear all of your voices and to hear the excitement in your voice as you enjoy your family time together at home. I am so proud of the coping mechanisms and resilience you have all shown and as I said to a parent, we can all learn so much from you in these circumstances. Well done for being brave year one and for completing such amazing work. Mrs Van Rusellt and I miss you all so much.
Have a lovely weekend.
See you on Monday,
Miss Haynes, Mrs Van Russelt and of course Alfie the dog (who has become a welcomed member of year one)

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