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This week our learning focus in mathematics has been to compare numbers up to 10. First we looked at comparing groups of objects where they differed in size. Using our ten frames, we represented the groups using two different coloured counters. This helped us to see which group had more objects and which group had fewer and then we discussed how many we had altogether. In our maths journals we consolidated our learning by representing numbers to 10, identified more than and fewer as well as discussing the difference.

During snack time this week to help with our language and communication development we listened to the poem 'Ten things found in a wizard's pocket.' then talked to our friends at the table, the ten things we might find in a dinosaurs pocket. Each day our lists got more elaborate and imaginative and we've learnt some fantastic new vocabulary as we explored new words and their meanings. We have created our own book of 'Ten things found in....' to share as a stimulus for conversations.

Our chosen text to lead our literacy work this week was 'Harry and the dinosaurs first sleepover' which led us to consider what we might take for a sleepover if we took our dinosaurs. With all our talk this week on 10 things, it helped us to structure ten items we would put in our bags. Again there were some very interesting items and reason why we chose them!

After watching 'Walking with dinosaurs' we understood that volcanoes had played a part in the extinction of dinosaurs. This led to a lot of child initiated play in the garden creating volcanoes out of cardboard and craft materials. So excited by these, we decided to make some real ones today from water bottles, building the sides up with clay and then adding washing up liquid, red food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and lastly vinegar. There were huge squeals of delight when the volcanoes erupted and we couldn't wait to show everyone in school what we had made. They were super impressed with our understanding of the world and changes that occur in the natural world.

As well as making volcanoes this week, our craft and design area has been a hive of activity making small pockets to fit ten items in. There has been some great problem solving in attaching the two sides of the pocket and ensuring that the items made would fit. My dad's adage 'measure twice, cut once' was used quite a bit as you can imagine!
In our music activities we practiced how to accompany rock a by baby on the glockenspiel using the note D.

As part of our physical development we built on our skills of different ways to jump and balance by creating a gymnastics sequence using the equipment in the hall.

Have a restful weekend
Mrs Taylor

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