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Hello Reception,

You have had another busy week of home learning based around the theme of animals.
Each morning you have listened to a animal based story or poem by myself, Miss Alex and Mrs Swan before getting on with your learning jobs.

In your mathematics learning you have focused on the concept of adding by counting on. To begin with you recapped counting to ten fluently, recognising given numbers within a ten frame and then made some fantastic number tracks or hopscotch templates using number tiles or chalks in the garden. Using 'first' 'then' and 'now' you were able to tell me firstly, which number you started on, then how many jumps or steps you took and now which number you had ended up on. I loved the video clips for these, thank you!

After lots of practical activities you were able to show me how you would do this pictorially with a number line and a dice. You clearly showed me your staring number, the number on the dice and then you showed the 'counting on' by making little jump scribes and finally circled your answer. Fantastic work reception. Some of you have been enjoying counting backwards from 20-0 on your morning walks and playing some of the link number games. I can tell you are all getting super speedy at these just by looking at you scores and times: impressive!

Many of you, in your literacy task, have drawn a picture of your favourite animal and labelled it's key features and wrote some facts that you have researched. A well deserved award went to the author of an animal alphabet, naming an animal for every letter with an accompanying picture! I'm not sure how long that took to make but it was 'superb'!

In phonics, you have continued to watch the speed sound lessons as well as the additional spelling lesson. I have noticed there has been a real increase in the amount of writing going on this week as many of you have excepted my challenge to write a sentence using a word or several words from the day's speed sound lesson. Not only did you accept the challenge, you smashed it and wrote 3 sentences a day alongside your project work: I am super proud of you .

You have also been very busy completing your learning project activities...
The aim of this weeks project was to provide opportunities for you to learn more about animals that you are interested in. After reading the story, 'Dear Zoo' you thought about the animal you would add into the story and many of you embarked on DT projects, making crates and boxes designed especially for your animal. Then adding a picture of your chosen animal with a label. These looked incredible and I can tell from the pictures and videos you were very proud of your efforts. Many of you have also enjoyed playing the animal sound matching game and singing 'Old McDonald had a farm' identifying the different sounds of animals- super listening!

You have made me smile a lot this week with your videos of you and your families playing animal charades. A huge thank you to your grown ups- It's not always easy putting yourself in front of the camera but they were fantastic and gave me the opportunity to see you all having fun together as a family.

You have also taken the time, during your busy week to look at some of the animal books and animal toys in your house, sorting them into different groups based on number or where they might live, whether they were considered a pet or a wild animal. I wasn't too sure about the tiger being a pet but I'm prepared to believe you!

And finally, thank you, as always for the time taken to upload observations to Tapestry so we get an insight into all the amazing things going on at home.
We will see you again next week (via Tapestry).
Take care and stay safe everybody
Mrs Taylor and Miss Alex

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