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PE News Round Up

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Another fantastic week of hard work and amazing performances in PE!
Year 1 have continued their gymnastic unit on balancing and spinning on points and patches. They worked in pairs, on the small apparatus, to produce symmetrical and asymmetrical balances, linked together by a spin. Some super performances!
Year 2 carried on their Space dance. They began with a space themed Just Dance workout and then followed a BBC radio space dance sequence involving binary stars and black holes! Then they worked in big groups to create a moving solar system!
Year 3 continued their Outdoor Adventurous Activity unit. Over the last two weeks we covered basic key reading skills by playing funny faces which involved creating a funny face with equipment by following a picture and key. Then we played an ordering game where the children had to run between different marker sheets to find specific numbers in the correct order.
Year 4 have continued their gymnastics unit. They used small apparatus sequence together a series of bridges and front supports. They also did a one off OAA activity, while the hall was in use, and ran between marker sheets to find numbers and countries in the correct order.
Year 5 have carried on their dance unit based on the Victorians. They have used different stimuli to create short dances. They began with Victorian nursery rhymes which they read through and converted into dances. Then they played chance choreography, using a dice to roll one of 6 actions and choreographic devices e.g. servant and mirror images.
Year 6 continued Health Related Exercise. They completed more Joe Wicks Hiit sessions and different circuits, one based on cardio and another on strength. They have also done more yoga sessions to work on strength and flexibility.
On Thursday, years 1 and 2 had extra help from some year 6 who came to work as sports leaders with us. They set up equipment and led warm ups as well as working with groups to help with ideas. Well done year 6, you were super role models and a great help all round!
Well done everyone, a wonderful week!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Jenkins

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